Animal cards

Inspire their imaginations with a fun game of animal cards. This easy kids activity is a great year-round art and craft project and will let your kids imaginations take flight as they create and invent new and amazing creatures!

Snake sock puppet

Sock puppets are the ultimate make, do and mend; activity: not only are you making use of odd socks but you are saving money otherwise spent on new toys. This snake puppet works best with colourful argyle patterned socks.

Make peg airplanes

Big boys and little boys will love these cute peg airplanes. They're so simple and once you get the hang of them, you'll want to make a whole fleet! Your little boy will enjoy hours of imaginative play with his peg airplanes.

Night sky mobile

The night sky is fascinating to kids. From nursery rhymes such as Twinkle twinkle little star, to cows jumping over the moon, the night sky has played a big role in getting kids off to sleep. Make this mobile with the kids and watch as they create a masterpiece to love as they nod off.

Homemade puff paint

Just in case puff paint wasn’t cool enough, why not introduce piping to your little artists? No icing bags or fancy nibs required - you just need a resealeable bag and some scissors, then sit back and watch as they create puffy masterpieces. Most definitely a bit of mess, but SO fun.

Egg carton jellyfish

There's no need to spend money on expensive craft accessories - just start putting egg cartons and toilet rolls aside for a myriad of rainy day craft activities. You can start with this egg carton jellyfish.

Sock puppet – simple

Puppet shows are the cornerstone of imaginative play for small children. Using puppets allows kids to express all kinds of alter egos. Making your own sock puppets will allow your child to have an input into what kinds of characters they want to create and express.

Craft a silver foil crown

This impressive jewelled crown is fabulous for dress-ups and all sorts of imaginative play. Get your child to decorate it however they wish. It works best as a pretty silver crown for a Rapunzel dress up. Add a blonde wig and try it as an original Book Week costume.

Love heart string art

Try this string art project if you're willing to tackle a complex idea to engage older kids. We've used a heart shape but you can use whatever simple shape you like, including the initial of your child's first name.

Make a superhero symbol

What could be cooler than having your very own superhero symbol? Better than Batman's bat signal, you could have your own superhero emblem with this light experiment. This is a fun activity for sleepovers or superhero parties, too.

Pasta paper plate collage

How many times have you told the kids not to play with their food? This is one activity you are going to have to swallow your words on. Grab out the pasta and get creative. You can create a picture, pattern or just a randomly placed pasta fun plate. Paint it up for a special effect.

Threading fun

You can do so many things with what you have lying about at home, or you can grab things from the $2 type shops (or The Warehouse), like Pom poms, pipe cleaners, wool, beads etc.