Curried rice

A bowl of this simple curried rice makes a great barbecue accompaniment or a side dish if you're asked to bring a plate to a party. Fresh veggies, rice and a curried mayo dressing will leave you wanting more.

Thai chicken curry

Your family will love this light Thai chicken curry recipe packed full of Thai flavours as well as fresh vegetables such as green beans, baby corn and broccoli florets.

Healthy Thai chicken curry

If you reduce the oil, skip the rice and use lots of veggies you will be able to enjoy your favourite Thai curry without worrying about your waistline. This healthy version will have you putting Thai chicken curry on the menu every week.

Easy lamb curry

This lamb curry is quick, cheap and easy to make. If you buy the lamb already diced then it becomes even easier to make and you will have a delicious curry dinner ready in 30 minutes.

Lamb curry

Lamb curry is delicious served with basmati rice, yoghurt and chutney. This curry starts with a curry paste you can make yourself, then adds lean lamb and more fragrant indian spices which simmers gently before serving.

Curried Chickpeas

This vegetarian curry recipe is a real surprise. There is so much flavour in this bowl that it will have you coming back for seconds immediately. Serve with yoghurt for a tangy twist on the Indian flavours that makes it fresh and spicy.

Curried sausages

A favourite with many families, this curried sausages recipe has a mild curry flavour combined with spicy chutney and sweet jam so are suitable for even the youngest kids in the family.

Fish curry

This is a speedy fish curry that you can add to your recipe book for those nights when you don't want to pay for takeaway. It will also help you get your three serves of fish per week. Keep some of the vindaloo paste in the pantry and serve this quick curry with rice and raita.

Massaman curry

Choose a cheaper cut of beef to make this fragrant massaman curry. It's kinder on your purse and the slow cooking will mean the meat will be tender and moist. Garnish with peanuts and coriander for extra flavour.

Thai green chicken curry

Feel like a green chicken curry tonight? Here's an easy recipe for you - and the best bit is that you can make it in about the same time it would take you to order and collect takeaway - and it's so much healthier!