6 Mild Curries Kids Will Love

What is it about curries that turns kids off? Perhaps it is the heat and their general refusal to eat sauces that may contain vegetables. Whatever it is, curing kids of a curry aversion makes for happier family meal planning – it’s a win when we can get our kids to like the same kinds of foods we enjoy ourselves.

Besides, curries are a tasty one-pot meal and usually quick to cook. They’re the kind of meal that bubbles comfortingly away while we busy ourselves with other more exciting things.

So if you want to expand the kids tastebuds and your cooking repertoire, here are some tricks to get kids tucking into all sorts of scrumptious, fragrant curries.

Make your own curry powder

You can make a deliciously mild spice mix using cumin, turmeric, garlic, ginger, garam masala, cinnamon and black pepper. Use freshly opened spices and seal them tightly in a container to keep them fresh. Start with just a hint of chilli powder and build up from there (or not!) depending on what your family enjoys. This gives you control over the heat factor.

Serve with a side

A little curry goes a long way and to compliment it you can serve it up with steamed basmati rice or add boiled, cubed potatoes to the dish. Potatoes give your curry a creamy finish and cool the heat. I like to serve a range of dishes with naan bread so the little ones can break off  pieces to dip into the curry bowl and soak up the yummy sauces. It gives them control over trying a new food and they love the novelty of not using a knife and fork.

Smooth it out

You can also add some cream, sour cream, yoghurt or coconut milk to dilute the heat and give your curry a smooth taste. Add a dollop of raita on top when you’re serving too. This yoghurt dip has a beautiful cooling effect on your tastebuds brought about by the cucumber it contains. Another great accompaniment to Indian curries are banana slices dipped in desiccated coconut.

Add some fruit

Curries don’t have to be just savoury, they can be sweet and fruity as well. You can add raisins, dried apricots or sultanas or just use my mother’s trick of a few spoonfuls of jam – apricot is a good one to choose. I do love serving some mango chutney with Indian curries too.

And the best way to stop any unwelcome burn (apart from going easy on the chilli)? Keep a glass of milk handy, maybe lager for the adults and always steer clear of cold water – though a waiter at an Indian restaurant I once went to did recommend warm water to cool down!

Try these tricks and get the whole family enjoying curry with our delicious array of recipes that are quick to cook and mild enough for kids to enjoy!

Healthy butter chicken

Healthy butter chicken is the ultimate mild curry and kids will love its creamy tomato base.

Fruity curried sausages

Curried sausages are the perfect recipe to use when you have leftover cooked snags or are just looking for an economical meal.

Curried mince

This curried mince is an old-fashioned favourite and easy on the pocket too. This one has a secret ingredient to boot!


Chicken korma

For those nights when you’d really prefer not to spend too much time cooking, this chicken and tomato korma is the ideal curry with mellow, fresh flavours.

Gentle lamb and apple curry

This mild curry has tender lamb pieces with the fresh and fruity addition of apples.

Pumpkin and chickpea curry

This is a perfect recipe for meat-free Monday. Full of veggies and protein, the family will be asking for seconds!

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  1. Alezandra 02/01/2020 at 12:10 pm

    Doing your own curry spice is the best. I never liked the curry powder from the supermarket (Greggs) – it tastes fake-ish if I can call it. Doing your own spice will definitely cater to the taste buds of your family and it’s easier to adjust.

  2. Shorrty4life1 01/01/2020 at 10:20 pm

    Yummm healthy butter chicken recipe sounds pretty Devine. Might have to try that. Might try adding fruit also and some coconut milk to make our Curry’s more mild as my children don’t like currys for that spicy factor.

  3. Jen_Wiig 27/12/2019 at 12:58 pm

    I love curries but I love them hot and only 1 of 3 of my boys is like me and loves them hot so these recipes are great as I can make mild serve it up and then add more spices to make a bit hotter for one son and I.
    Curried mince… Brilliant! Love mince but must admit can get abit boring when cant be bothered making something better

  4. Micht 23/12/2019 at 7:17 pm

    Being an indian family…we enjoy spicy food and curries… so no issue with curries in general..
    But i do know that alot of friends struggle with getting their kids to eat curry…so good ideas here to follow and make it pleasant

  5. MuddledUpMolly 21/12/2019 at 11:09 am

    Ooh yummy I really like the sound of some of these recipes!! I know our kids would love to try them too and I have already added the meat free curry recipe to my bookmarks for this coming Monday as it sounds yummy to try for our meat free Mondays 🙂

  6. dawnblyth 20/12/2019 at 8:05 pm

    Our boys love butter chicken and my eldest loves curried sausages. I just made curried mince for tea tonight for my husband and I and I think the boys would actually enjoy that too. Subtle spice with lots of flavour is our family’s go to.

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