Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are a traditional Easter baking recipe that uses a yeast based dough and the addition of aromatic spices such as cinnamon and allspice and delicious dried fruit.

Easter chick pops

Move over chocolate eggs! These delightful little Easter chick marshmallow pops will be a hit with the kids, and they’re simple and budget-friendly to make.

Easter Bunny tails

These cute little Easter Bunny tails are made from marshmallow, chocolate and coconut. They are a fun Easter activity for the kids and a lovely treat for friends and family.

Easter bingo

Easter is filled with fluffy bunnies and gooey eggs. We have got some fabulous Easter activities to keep your kids entertained and get them into the Easter mood.

Cute carrot cupcakes

These cute-as-a-button carrot cupcakes are packed full of healthy grated carrot, which means not only are the sweet and pretty, but they are also good for you! The kids will LOVE these little goodies come Easter time!

Easter egg bocce

Eggs are traditionally associated with Easter so what better kids' activity to keep the little ones busy than Easter egg bocce (bowls)!  Don't worry - we're talking hard boiled eggs of course. Anything else would just be a yolk!

DIY Easter bunny ears

Making your own bunny rabbit ears is an easy craft project for kids. Use our FREE bunny ears template and then decorate them however you want. You'll end up with an easy homemade dress up or Easter hat parade idea.

Egg toss game

This game can be googy use a raw egg and in pairs throw it to each other each time move a step back the pair with the last whole egg is the winner.

Iced bunny biscuits

Easter is a great time to get stuck into some fun baking with your kids. Try these simple to make bunny biscuits that you can ice in bright colours before getting really creative with the decorations!