Celebrate New Year's Eve (or indeed any special occasion) with a festive Greek cake, that contains a secret hidden coin. The person who finds in the coin in their piece of delicious cake will enjoy a blessed New Year!

Beetroot dip

Beetroot dip is a wonderful dip to serve at parties - full of bright beetroot flavours, this recipe is a snap to make. Simply whizz all the ingredients together in a food processor and you're done!

Greek salad

Greek salad is a traditional dish that is packed full of fresh flavours. Ripe tomatoes are complimented with salty feta cheese and tangy olives.

Lamb koftas and greek salad

This traditional Greek salad is fantastic when served with lamb koftas. It has a wonderful dressing that comes from the natural juices of the tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil. It's best served at room temperature so you can appreciate the flavours of all the vegetables

Greek-style roast lamb

Succulent roast lamb flavoured with rosemary, garlic and lemons is truly the food of the gods! Serve with roast veggies for a sumptuous weekend dinner and save any leftovers for tasty wraps the next day. Yummo!

Fried halloumi

This is a traditional Greek dish and has a deliciously tasty salty flavour to the cheese. Here it is served up with a drizzle of olive oil, cracked black pepper and good quality olive oil.

Chickpea dip

I love this quick and cheap dip. It‰s great for adult and kids parties, perfect for a spread on sandwiches and even better when served with crunchy vegetable fingers.

Creamy Moussaka

Try this classic Greek dish when you want a filling oven bake that's full of veggies. The creamy sauce mingles between the layers of veggies and rich meat sauce for a yummy, cheesy sensation.