Snag a good meal with a months worth of brilliant banger recipes

They can be eaten as they are –  just thrown in a pan, under the grill or on the barbie for a few minutes – OR you can fashion them into an exotic first-class meal that will have the family begging for more! Welcome to the wonderful world of sausages. This spread of  banger recipes will blow your mind …

1. Bacon and onion sausage bake

The secret of this one-pot wonder lies in the rich sauce, which just screams ‘lick your plate’.

2. Left over sausage and pasta bake

Get this delish and economical dish on the table in around 30 minutes. It’s a mid-week dinner winner.

3. Devilled sausages


With gravy to die for, this budget friendly meal promises oodles of flavour.

4. Spaghetti with easy sausage meatballs

This is an easy cheat on an old family classic. Using well-flavoured sausages it saves you making your own meatballs.

5. Slow cooked chicken and chorizo

Set your crock pot to low and get on with the rest of your day. This slow-cooker recipe might just become your new fave.

6. Sausage and onion jam rolls

Theses bite-sized morsels are brilliant for kids parties AND glam enough to serve to grown-ups too.

 7. Bangers and mash


There’s nothing wrong with keeping it real. This classic meal is a dead set family favourite.

8. Sausage, apple and rosemary bake

Turn everyday sausages into something special with this delicious bake recipe. Yummo!

9.  Sausage kebabs

Serve sausages on a stick? The kids will think all of their Christmases have come at once, guaranteed!

10. Chorizo fried rice

For lovers of rice, this fried rice recipe is a hard one to beat. Ideal comfort food.

11. Yummy curried sausages


Don’t be put off by the ‘curry’ –  your kids will lick their bowls over and over again after they taste this!

12. Orecchiette with sausage and greens

This funny little earlobe-shaped pasta is the perfect vehicle for hearty sausage and green vegetable sauce. Wow!

13. Maple sausages

Sweet sticky sauce smothered over your favourite snags – now that’s what we call eating for pleasure.

14. Sausage pie

A heavenly mix of vegetables, cheese and sausage makes this a scrummy way to get your pie fix.

15. Sausage and beef casserole

A pot of this winter food will keep every member of the family toasty warm and satisfied on the inside.

16. Hot sausage pot pies

These cute pot pies make a great quick dinner for the whole family.

17. Roasted tomato and chorizo soup


Slurp on this flavour-packed soup for a warming meal that you’ll always come back to.

18. Chevaps and roasted vegetable salad

Wholesome and delicious veggies with sausages. This will definitely impress. Just watch your family ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over this.

19. Sausage and spinach lasagne

For a tasty twist on a traditional family fave, you just have to try this recipe with leftover sausages.

20. Chorizo sausage salad

Try  these spicy sausages with bitter leaves, beetroot and feta cheese. Eat it as a complete meal or as part of a bbq buffet!

21. Prosciutto chipolatas

Make a platter of these little bites at your next shindig and they’ll disappear right before your very eyes.

22. Tomatoey chipolatas with polenta

This tomatoey sauce combines beautifully with creamy polenta. If your kids love mash, they will love polenta too.

23. Little piggies


Sausages wrapped in toasted cheesy bread – now that’s every kids’ idea of YUM. Try it, and you will see.

24. Moroccan meatball chevaps tagine

Chevaps are a skinless sausage and it makes this recipe super easy as you can roll the chevaps into delicious meatballs.

25. Sausage salad

Knock this simple warm salad together for a fast Sunday night feast. TV dinner – here we come.

26. Italian sausage and rocket penne

Prep this dish in advance and throw it together at the last minute, for a truly crowd-pleasing banger bite.

27. Sausage hotpot


When the fridge is bare (apart from a tray of lovely sausages), this belly-filler, made from pantry staples will ensure your family still get a decent feed.

28. Chorizo and potato frittata

This is a great budget dish that will fill tummies and even works well in the school lunchboxes the next day.

29. Baked sausages and butter beans

Full of fresh flavours, this one-pan aromatic main is just what you ALL need after a crazy day.

30. Sausage macaroni cheese

Take this popular kiddie delight and ramp up the deliciousness with some sausage pieces. Instant hit!

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