Baby messy play

Getting messy is a great cognitive experience for your child and this activity is perfect for your baby. Using child safe paint is a fun way for your baby to have a tactile experience. Any pictures created are a perfect gift idea for the grandparents. 

Rolling ball game

This simple game where a soft ball is rolled back and forth between you and your baby will encourage him to reach out for the ball which will develop his co-ordination and gross motor skills.

Crawling obstacles game

Challenge your little one and encourage him to develop new skills with games that will get him moving. This homemade obstacle course is a perfect incentive for baby to crawl and discover the world around him. Just watch him go!

Pillow jump

Young toddlers usually love to jump into pillows. You can relax and enjoy the sounds of laughter as the kids tire themselves out and exercise at the same time!

Baby chips

Do you need something to keep your baby entertained in the car? This simple activity will bring fun and laughter to your little one you as you hear those delightful giggles.

Dance with baby

While babies lack the ability to communicate through words, they have many ways of expressing what they like and dislike. One way to communicate with baby is through song. Share the joy of music with movement and touch.

Wind down

We all know the grind of every day can take its toll on us and the kids. Take yourself away from it all and enjoy the benefits of your surroundings. Getting out of the house can be beneficial to both you and baby.

Row your boat game

Babies and toddlers love interacting and singing with mum this games covers both interaction, movement and singing it covers all of their sensory highlights resulting in fun for all

Baby touch game

Teach your baby early with baby games that relate to early learning, eye development and have fun at the same time. Baby games are exciting to play for both of you as your baby anticipates your moves and learns to react.