Name that tune

Are we there yet? Sound familiar? If the thought of a long car trip drives you batty, here is a great game to play with the whole family. Kids will love the excitement of trying to beat the others at guessing the song.

Name game

This is a great car game that children will find easy to play and they will have fun thinking of words that match each subject.

Sensory play smell game

Test their powers of smell with the Sensory play smell game. Its a great game to play in the car or as a teaser kids party game to get their minds active and engaged. Its also totally fun to play, so create a game with your family today!


Do you dread those long car trips: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Try blowing bubbles in the car on your next road trip. It will keep the kids entertained for hours on end.

I spy

I spy is a fun kids car game, and works fabulously as a bad-weather boredom buster. Keep the kids entertained and their minds active during long or short journeys with this timeless family fun.


This car game will give children hours of fun and laughter as they ask questions and answer with the same answer to every question.

Box car game

Spark your toddlers imagination with some make-believe. Teach them this box car game and have them drive mum or dad to the shops, the picnic and all about town with a cool car all of their very own!

Fingers out

Never worry about the kids getting bored in the car again. Simply have them play Fingers out and they will be kept busy with this fun guessing game.

Thumb wrestling

How happy would the kids be if you said, Okay, you can wrestle in the back seat? But you can only use your thumbs, siblings love being competitive, even if it is just over who has the strongest thumb.

Guess what I am

Car trips will never be the same with this game of guess what I am. It will keep everyone entertained for hours as they try and guess what or who the person is.

Licence Plate Game

Car trips will never be boring again with this entertaining and fun licence plate car game! Your kids will brush up their maths and memory skills as they pass the hours challenging each other to play again and again.

Sound effects please

This game is great for the whole family as everyone can get involved and they will each have a different sound effect. A fantastic game to be played in the car which will keep everyone entertained for hours!

Initial answers

Long car trips can be torture. But its surprising how compliant kids are when you give them a game with simple rules. This game relies on a good vocabulary and some spelling prowess, so its ideal for older children.

Travel surprise bag

Travelling with kids is not for the faint-hearted. But a little bit of preparation can go a a long way.  Have this Travel Surprise Bag ready for any time you may need your child to sit still - it works well for waiting rooms, train trips, or long car trips.    

Miss Lucy

Kids and adults alike will love playing this fun car game. Miss Lucy is a hand clapping game sure to keep everyone entertained as they clap their way to the destination!