Grow your own tomatoes

Tomatoes are easy to grow - all they need is sunshine, water and a bit of TLC. Encourage the kids to nurture their plants, watering them often and being vigilant against creepy-crawlies and weeds, so that when the first ripe red tomatoes are ready to pick, you'll all be able to enjoy the harvest.

Gumboot Garden

Brighten your garden up with this nifty little gumboot garden. Kids will love recycling their old gumboots and watching magic happen in the garden when they plant herbs or even their favourite flowers.

Potato shoot experiment

Kids love experimenting and this potato shoot science experiment is a fun learning activity that will have your kids wanting to know more about how things work. So grab some spuds out of the cupboard and amaze your kids today.

Grow a grass head

This kids; gardening project is so simple and it yields exciting results in about a week. Kids will love watching their grasshead sprout hair and keep growing. When it is really long, they can trim it like a hairdresser. Watch the video to show you how

Make A Garden Composter

Kids are all about helping the environment so why not enjoy working on a project together in the garden! By building this easy and simple garden composter you and your kids will help create good soil which will grown happy and healthy plants.

Make a scarecrow

Gardening is a great way to teach the kids all about nature. Unfortunately, not everything is left alone. Birds are a big problem in the garden, especially if you are making a vegetable garden. Scare them all away with a scary scarecrow made by the kids!