These are great for kids parties, decorate as you wish you can add sultanas to half the mixture for variety these freeze well and are so good for kids lunches

Satay sauce

who does not love a silky rich satay sauce. This sauce is very versatile. It can be stored in the fridge for 5 days and then reheated in the microwave

Ham toasties

Not your traditional toasted sandwich, these ham toasties are sure to be a hit with the kids. Topped with yummy ham, tomato, cheese and egg these toasties are perfect for a weekend dinner.

Mushroom pesto burgers

If your kids are burger-crazy, then these vegetarian mushroom pesto burgers need to be at the top of your meal-planning list! Super healthy and jam-packed full of gorgeous Mediterranean flavours, the whole fam will love biting into these burgers.

Lamb samosas

These lovely bites of curried lamb mince are delicious as party food or as an alternative to sandwiches in a lunch box. Make them as mild or as spicy as you like - either way, they're yum!

Little meat pies

Make your own little party pies with this recipe. Ideal for little fingers they make a great party food option. Make the filling the day before and the final baking will be done in half an hour.

Spaceship cake

This spaceship birthday cake will impress your kids at their next birthday party. A simple cake to make, it is dressed up with fondant icing and decorated with a range of delicious sweets.

Elmo cupcakes

Kids and grown-ups alike love him and now you can easily have Elmo cupcakes at your party. Take your favourite cupcake recipe and decorate just like this for little effort and lots of wow factor.

Fresh fruit cake

Are you looking for a super fresh and healthy alternative to birthday cake for babies and toddlers? Or maybe you have a child that doesn't even like cake? (Yes, they do exist.) Well this cake made of entirely fresh fruit is exactly what you are looking for.

Classic sponge cake

Just like grandma used to make, this recipe for sponge cake will soon be a favourite in your home. Sponge cake is a lovely light cake for afternoon tea. The cake can be prepared in the morning and sandwiched together with filling just before needed.

Rainbow cake

This rainbow cake is a very easy to make and impressive birthday cake or holiday fun cake. The cake can be made the day before and iced a few hours before serving