Caramel peach crumble

This healthy caramel peach crumble will have the whole family coming back for more. Everyone thinks that fruit crumbles are healthy, but they can hide lashings of butter and too much sugar. This crumble recipe lets you have your crumble and your health too!

Blackberry pie

This blackberry pie recipe asks only for six ingredients and a little of your time and love and will thank you with a tart to be proud off. Also, if making pastry isn’t at all your thing, just use ready-made shortcrust and no-one will be the wiser.

Bananas foster

This simple dessert is made by cooking bananas until they're soft in a buttery cinnamon syrup with rum. The alcohol is burned off during cooking so they're safe for kids to enjoy too. Serve with a scoop of ice cream.

Fresh fruit cake

Are you looking for a super fresh and healthy alternative to birthday cake for babies and toddlers? Or maybe you have a child that doesn't even like cake? (Yes, they do exist.) Well this cake made of entirely fresh fruit is exactly what you are looking for.

Gluten-free apple crumble

Apple crumble is one of the best and easiest desserts you can make on a wintry night. Now those with an intolerance to gluten can still enjoy the crumbly topping with this recipe that replaces wheat flour with rice flour and almond meal. Clever and delicious.

Fruit skewers

Let the kids loose on this one as they choose their favourite fruit to thread on to skewers. Dip them in yoghurt and then roll in coconut, chocolate (or both!) for a fun and fruity treat

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Chocolate dipped strawberries are the ultimate indulgence. For Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just because they're so good, make it fun for the kids with some colourful sprinkles as well. If you can stop yourself eating them all, they’d make wonderful gifts packaged in small cellophane bags.

Fast fruit tarts

Don't you love the look of these petite French fruit tarts, but who has the time to make the pastry, blind bake and make the custard? Now your fruit tart dilemmas are solved with a few easy shortcuts. You're welcome.

Apple turtles

These cute little apple turtles are a sweet way to get your little ones eating their fruit. Get them to help you make them or just serve them up and watch them disappear.