Halloween Witches Hats

This Halloween, go a little crazy and make fun snacks for the trick or treaters in your neighbourhood. These witches hats are easy to make and they're full of surprises! Fill them up with your favourite little sweets and watch their faces when they discover what's inside!

Halloween masks

Challenge your kids to see who can make the scariest mask with this fabulously fun Halloween mask activity. These scary monster masks can be made by even the youngest in the family so enjoy this fun art and craft project this Halloween.

Spider’s web game

Spiders web is a fun Halloween game that also teaches kids teamwork and cooperative skills. No need to look further for ideas for fun kids activities as this great kids party game will keep your kids busy laughing as they learn!

Vampire lollipops

Every child loves Halloween time and what better way to accessorise your kids' Halloween bags than with these fun little vampires lollipops. They are easy to make and your children with have a blast with this fun kids art and craft activity.

Paper ghosts

These paper ghosts will delight your kids as they get a chance to get messy as they get crafty! Simply grab some white paint and some black paper and watch their creativity blossom.

Jack-o’-lantern bookmark

These cute Jack-o'-lantern bookmarks are a great Halloween decoration for your kids' school pencil cases, lunch boxes or lolly bowls. Have your little ones place their bookmarks in their bowl of lollies, or use it to add a colourful mark for their reading books.

Haunted house lantern

This cool haunted house lantern craft activity is also a great Halloween decoration idea. There are two versions below: one where Mum will have to help because it involves using a craft knife and one kids can do themselves.

Witches stew game

Pucker up for this fun and entertaining Halloween game. Play with everyone in the family as each player grabs a straw and takes a deep breath to try and win this fast-paced and hilarious party game.

Fairy wands

These are a cute, easy little Halloween treat for nice fairies and white witches. They also make a great activity and take home gift for birthday parties. Just prepare the biscuits ahead of time and let the decorating begin!


These edible fun Halloween treats are quick to make will give the kids fun things to do and will be scary but edible perfect!