Mandarin jack-o’-lantern

Halloween is a great excuse to put up some spooky decorations around the house and do some Halloween-inspired craft projects. This easy mandarin jack-o'-lantern is a practical alternative to the traditional carved pumpkin variety. Plus it looks great lit up with a tea light candle.

Twirly paper pumpkin

Create these fancy-looking paper pumpkins for some Halloween fun. Use it as seasonal decorations for the table or hang it on your door, either way, this fun curly-twirly paper pumpkin will help your kids add some Halloween flair to your home.

Halloween ghost lollipops

Not sure what to hand out to the cute dressed up kiddies knocking on your door? Anything sugary usually does the trick, but you can go one step further and stick to the spooky theme with these easy peasy lollipop ghosts! Great as Halloween party favours too - a pumpkin makes a good lollipop stand!

Halloween treat cups

Get the kids decorating for Halloween this year and have them make these fab treat cups. Pass them out to trick or treaters or collect your own sweets, either way you will have Halloween treat cups to be proud of.

Glue ghosts

Decorating th house and celebrating Halloween is fast becoming an Australian trend and why not? It's fun and crafts like these cost next to nothing to create. Have a great afternoon of fun making glue ghosts for the windows on your Halloween house this year.

Paper plate ghost

Grab out the paper plate and decorate. You will have to add a little bit of art and a lot of craft to them before you hang them though. Follow these instructions and decorate the house for Halloween.

No-carve jack-o-lantern

Carved pumpkins are the most iconic of Halloween images, but they can be a little tricky to do. Instead, get the kids involved and create a jack-o-lantern without arming yourself with a knife! We’ve used painted thumb tacks to create this look. Here’s how.

Funny mummy wrap game

Kids love stories of ancient Egypt and the mummies of old kings and pharoahs. Funny mummy is a great ice-breaker party game for kids to play as they team up against other pairs in a race to wrap each other in toilet paper.