Ghost spoon puppet

This festive Halloween ghost spoon puppet will be a fun addition to your Halloween display. Stage a fabulously ghoulish ghost play this holiday with your kids and watch as they enjoy their imaginative play.

Mix-and-match witches hat game

Plain black cones are transformed into wicked witches; hats and heads in this fun Halloween craft activity. Play it at your next Halloween party as the kids get into the spirit with this fun game. They are easy to make and can be used year after year so get playing this Halloween.

Mummy Pizzas

By using cheese slices long ways it makes the kids pizza look like Mummy bandages. You can use this recipe anytime but it is perfect for your next Halloween party.

Pumpkin guessing game

This is a great kids party game to keep everyone laughing during your next Halloween gathering. Its simple and easy to organise and the kids will have a ball trying to guess the weight and size of pumpkins in this game.

Paper bag monsters

Make your own gang of ghoulishly magnificent monster lunch bags to put on your verandah or doorstep and bring some Halloween smiles to your kids; faces. Your visitors will be impressed with these simple and fun decorations so get crafting today.

Handprint spider

Halloween is all about spooky and scary - right? There is not a lot more scary than spiders as a gift! Help kids print these spiders on card fronts to hand out to family and friends over the Halloween season.

Halloween grass stencils

So for Halloween you can dress up the windows, the front of the house, the kids and your pumpkins. Wondering if theres anything left? Well, yes, yes there is: your grass. Scare off (or welcome in!) those trick or treaters with these so-simple, and temporary, grass stencils.