Fun ways to decorate your Christmas tree with the kids

Christmas is all about the kids, right? So what better way to make it fun than to involve them in the Christmas decorating. Children can make their own unique Christmas ornaments and decorations and help you create a warm and friendly Christmas home that feels inviting to anyone that drops in.

Make the decorating kid-friendly

Kids can decorate their bedroom windows in a variety of ways sticking up paper snowflakes they have cut out or using Christmas themed signs. It’s not very Kiwi, but a super easy thing to do is buy some spray snow from your nearby $2 shop and spray their bedroom windows.

Older kids who can be trusted not to play with switches can string indoor mini lights around their windows of from one corner of their room to another. You can find lights for indoor use and the LED lights use less energy.

String paper garlands made of paper snowflakes or Christmas words across the room. These are garlands kids can make
themselves. Just make sure the lights or garlands are strung safely so kids can’t entangle themselves, and that the lights
are not touching anything that could be flammable.

Craft your own fun Christmas decorations

Kidspot has created some of the most fun decorating projects with these ideas:

Give your child his own Christmas tree

Give kids their own small tree for their room, or help them make one themselves. This is a great place for them to hang all the Christmas ornaments and crafts that they have made over the years. These trees are usually cheap and give the child
their own personal space to decorate to their heart’s content. To find out more about Christmas trees, read:

Get the kids to make their own decorations

These craft ideas may require a little bit of parental supervision, but most school-aged children would be able to make these easily. Younger kids may need your help, but they’ll enjoy the results.

Easy Christmas crafts for children

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