15 tasty recipes to get kids hooked on fish

No one ever said being a parent was easy, but neither did anyone warn us about the many precious waking moments that would be spent in the futile quest to persuade our darling offspring to eat the fish we know is so good for them. Until NOW, that is! Meet 15 recipes that will not only get a welcome reception but have kids returning for more.

Patties and cakes

Wise woman say, shape your fish into a patty shape or call it a cake and watch the children come flocking.

1. Tuna patties

These yummy (tick for kids), veggie-filled (tick for you) and cheap as chips (another tick for you) patties are the perfect midweek meal.

2. Quick salmon patties

Perfect for those 5.30pm ‘oh bugger, I forgot to think about dinner’ moments, you can more than likely whip these up from stuff in your pantry (if that ‘stuff’ includes a tin of salmon, that is).

3. Vegetable and fish cakes

Packed full of healthy veggies, you can blend the mix more finely for little ones, or keep it nice and chunky for bigger mouths. It’s a ripper dish either way!

4. Fish croquettes

Plenty of mashed potato means the kids will wolf these down with gusto.


Pies and bakes

Nothing beats a delicious family pie or bake bubbling away in the oven – unless it’s one with the added goodness of fish.

5. Family fish pie recipe

Firm white fish, veggies a-plenty and a fluffy mash topping will quickly send this one to the top of the most-requested list.

6. Old school fish pie

Delicious salmon fillets in a creamy sauce with a puff pastry lid, this has the added benefit of being able to be made in advance and frozen or refrigerated until needed.

7. Salmon filo pies

These gorgeous pies are a lovely way to use salmon and filled with so much good stuff for your family.


Fast food

Notice kids will happily eat fish if it’s in take away form? Here are the homemade versions which will be welcomed with just as much enthusiasm.

8. Beer batter fish

Beer batter gives fish a delicious crunch that kids love (and can safely devour as the alcohol gets evaporated upon cooking).

9. Fish burgers with lemon mayo

Simple pan-fried fillets teamed with a tangy light mayonnaise make this as healthy as it is scrum-diddly-umptious.

10. Fish tacos

Kids love a Mexican free-for-all, and this is one of the healthiest ones out there. Also possibly one of the messiest, but hey …

11. Healthy fish fingers

Baked rather than deep-fried, and with only a few simple ingredients, these are much healthier than a store-bought option and don’t take much more time.


Pasta and rice

Kids love pasta and rice, which means the odds are in your favour that they’ll also enjoy the fish you’ve sneaked in there with them.

12. Creamy smoked salmon pasta

One of those perfect midweek standbys, it’s tasty, easy and you’ll be sitting down to it in about 20 minutes.

13. Pantry tuna pasta

Get that pasta on to cook quick sticks because the rest of the meal will be ready before you can say ‘al dente’.

14. Lemon macaroni

So simple, so creamy, so few ingredients required. So impossible to stuff up.

15. Tuna fried rice

A great option when you have some leftover rice to use up. Throw in some bacon, egg and some peas and you have a meal that will be hugely popular with even the fussiest of eaters.


  1. kymmage 31/03/2019 at 11:19 pm

    Yum! I am going to have to get cooking. My 6 year old loves fish but my 11 year old will not touch it. She loves fish too much as they are, alive and swimming about. So she can not be convinced to eat them. But me and the 6 year old will definitely be on board for this. Our favourite currently is just beer Battered. But I would like to do a pasta bake.

  2. dawnblyth 31/03/2019 at 10:46 pm

    Fantastic! My boys are just getting more into eating fish and so to have some recipes to try would be great! Thanks!

  3. Alezandra 29/03/2019 at 10:17 pm

    Love these recipes. I would definitely try some of these. I am a fish fan. My son is too so – he likes salmon with rice. And that’s our go to when we are feeling peckish.

  4. felicity beets 29/03/2019 at 7:31 am

    I think that the fast food ideas will be appealing to children – often the home made versions are a lot more delicious anyway. Our boys love fish fingers.

  5. Bevik1971 28/03/2019 at 10:02 am

    Luckily for us our 6 year old loves fish! She prefers it plain so pan fried in butter and olive oil or just boiled with some lemon etc. It’s great as we like to have fish at least twice a week and know that she will eat it!

  6. Mands1980 26/03/2019 at 1:57 pm

    These are great recipes and ones that kids will eat which will be great in our house with 3 kids. I need to sit done a write out ingredients I may need to purchase and just do it.

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