30 Winter Soups To Fill Your Tum & Warm Your Cockles

There’s something so comforting about a big bowl of hot soup. In the winter months, a big batch of your favourite soup can feed the family for days.

It’s food for the soul, as well as the belly and these mouth-watering recipes prove it!

Vegetable soups

spinach soup

1.  Cauliflower and leek soup

This velvety smooth vegetable soup is a must-make winter warmer.

2. Creamy Spinach soup

Delicious served with warm bread, try this gourmet soup tonight!

3. Pumpkin and ginger soup

For a yummy soup with beautifully balanced flavours, you can’t go past this recipe.

4. Creamy mushroom soup

This rich and flavoursome soup will leave you feeling more than satisfied.

5. Winter minestrone with risoni soup

A hearty soup that will appeal to kids as well as grown-ups.

6. Easy vegetarian laksa

Looking for a soup for dinner that’s a little different? Look no further!

 Meaty soups

pea and ham soup

7. Smokey chicken and white bean soup

It’s impossible to resist a second-helping of this meal in a pot.

8. Thai chicken soup

Made with slurp-worthy thai spices, this soup is a flavour explosion!

9. Chorizo and sweet potato soup

Whip up this beauty in just 20 minutes flat. Oh, yum!

10. Lamb shank and thyme soup

You’ll want to make this soup over and over again, it’s THAT good.

11. Green pea and ham soup

This classic soup is always a big hit with fussy families.

12. Beef tortellini soup

Time to try something a little bit different? Give it a go and you won’t look back!

Soups from around the world

meatball soup

13. Meatball soup

The meaty bites in this soup will definitely excite the kids.

14. Fish chowder

If you’ve never tried a fish chowder you just don’t know what you’re missing.

15. Mexican chicken soup

This healthy South American offering is totally surprising, in a “can I have another bowl” kinda way.

16. African spiced cauliflower soup

This is a bowl of pure comfort and healthy to boot!

17. French onion soup

There’s nothing like a bowl of traditional French onion soup to impress your guests.

18. Chicken noodle soup

Why not try this quick and delicious soup with soft, subtle asian flavours!

19. Chinese chicken and sweet corn soup

Experience the tastes of Asia with this super-easy and super-scrummy soup.

20. Spanish chorizo and minestrone soup

One bowl of this soup just won’t be enough. Yes please!

21. Chicken matzo ball soup

Melt-in-your-mouth dumplings swimming in a delicious chicken broth. Now that’s what we call yummy!

Soup especially for kids

noodle soup

22. Simple chicken soup

The beauty of this soup is how simple it is, you can even involve the kids when cooking it!

23. Ninja turtle soup

This clever green soup will be slurped up with glee. It’s fun AND healthy.

24. Apple, pumpkin and cheddar soup

This sweet and savoury soup will always be welcomed with open mouths. Guaranteed!

25. Roasted tomato soup

Serve with melted cheese on toast for fun dinner time dipping.

26. Homemade 2 minute noodles soup

Perfect as an after school snack, this fast recipe will see them through the afternoon.

Slow cooker soups

taco soup

27. Red lentil and pumpkin soup

This satisfying soup basically cooks itself! So great for busy families.

28. Slow cooker taco soup

For the more adventurous family, this chunky soup promises a tasty little kick.

29. Slow cooker chicken soup

You won’t believe how healthy this recipe is, and the flavour is without compromise!

30. Slow cooker beef and barley soup

This wholesome meal is the ultimate ‘set and forget’ winter soup.

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