Meringue baskets

This easy peasy dessert idea only has four ingredients and is really a matter of assembly, rather than cooking. Choose whichever flavour of ice cream you fancy to fill the meringue nests, then top with berries and grated chocolate.


This crepe recipe is really easy and you can use it for sweet or savoury crepes. Once you make this you will never buy crepes again.

French rissoles

These French rissoles use chicken mince and fresh herbs for a fast family dish. You can serve these up with mash and steamed green vegetables. They will become a family favourite in no time.

French toast soldiers

Little soldiers of toast are a perfect fit for little hands who are intent on self-feeding. Now you can make those soldiers even more nutritious by turning them into french toast soldiers. Genius!

French toast

French toast is one way to get eggs into fussy eaters. It is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner and can be topped with savour or sweet for a dessert

Quiche lorraine

This tasty recipe for quiche lorraine is not only delicious but also made easier by using a pre-made pastry flan case. You can even add some of your other favourite ingredients to make this quiche your own

Potato gratin

Potato gratin - also known as Layered potato bake - is an easy dinner accompaniment you can prepare ahead of time. This is the perfect dish to make when you are feeding a crowd - and it's always a hit!

Caramel slice

Creamy delicious caramel slice can be made with this simple recipe using condensed milk and melted chocolate. It’s perfect to make for cake stalls and as a once-in-a-while lunch box treat.

Mini croissants

Whatever filling you fancy, there's a croissant here for you! Be it chicken and avocado, ham and cheese or even Nutella, take your pick for a yummy breakfast or lunch box filler.

Chicken chasseur

This is a simple but tasty dish that can be on the tap in a matter of minutes but look like you have been in the kitchen for hours and the entire family will love it

Lemon meringue pie

Lemon meringue pie is a deliciously sweet dessert with plenty of wow factor that combines homemade sweet pastry, a gooey thick lemon curd and light and fluffy meringue on top.

Orange meringue

These meringues are light crispy and chewy and with that hint of orange it gives them a little zesty flavour , chocolate and hazelnut a perfect compliment for orange,

Brioche loaf

There are not many other smells that top the smell of fresh bread baking, but this brioche loaf is the cream of the crop. Look forward to lashings of jam or cream while the brioche is bakes in the oven.