Ham and pesto crepes

Crepes are a great little finger food for kids and especially good for parties as they can be pretty much all made in advance. Fill with whatever sweet or savoury ingredients you fancy. Our favourites are these ham and pesto crepes!

Devilled sausages

Sausages are one of the more budget-friendly meat options for families but they can become very same-same. So spice things up a bit the next time you are thinking of serving sausages with this super-quick, super-delicious spin on a family favourite.

Honey soy chicken

Chicken drumsticks marinated in soy sauce and honey are always a popular - and sticky! - dinner for kids. This recipe is quick to make and goes well with plain rice and steamed vegetables.

Omelette in a bag

Why would you cook omelette in a bag? It's the perfect camping meal and works out very well if you need to make a few different omelettes for a crowd. Choose your ingredients and get the kids to help.

Tasty tacos

This taco recipe may seem more difficult than the simple boxed taco kits, but the taste is so much better and cuts down on all the preservatives in those little packets. And the kids just love taco night!

Simple pumpkin soup

This pumpkin soup is a family favourite. Full of the flavour of roast pumpkin, it is perfect with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of fresh chives alongside some crusty bread.