Picnic cobb loaf

This cobb loaf is packed with grilled vegetables, cheese and prosciutto. The shell is crispy after a quick stint in the oven. It is perfect picnic food! Find more on Kidspot New Zealand.

Bang bang chicken

Bang bang chicken not only has a great name but adults AND kids will love it. It has a beautiful crisp salad with chicken and a more-ish peanut sauce to go with it.

Coconut cake

Coconut works so well in cakes - not only is it a lovely flavouring, it also guarantees that the final product will be moist and delicious. And this easy cake is no exception. Perfect as a simple birthday cake, a slice of this coconut cake would work just as well in the lunch box.

Fruit skewers

Let the kids loose on this one as they choose their favourite fruit to thread on to skewers. Dip them in yoghurt and then roll in coconut, chocolate (or both!) for a fun and fruity treat

Date balls

Looking for a healthy snack that the whole family can enjoy? These little bites are incredibly delish and will satisfy your craving for a sweet treat. And the kids will think they're pretty yummy too!

Honey soy chicken

Chicken drumsticks marinated in soy sauce and honey are always a popular - and sticky! - dinner for kids. This recipe is quick to make and goes well with plain rice and steamed vegetables.