10 Super Schnitzel Recipes Plus 10 Scrummy Sides

Schnitzel must be one of the most popular family dinners. And whether your family fave is a basic chicken in breadcrumbs or something a little bit more fancy, there is always room for just one more schnitzel recipe.

To prove it, here are 10 of the best with 10 equally delicious sides that will pair perfectly with any, and all, of them.

10 super schnitzel recipes

1. Family chicken schnitzel

This is just one of those family meals that you know will please everyone. Hurrah for clean plates and no fuss!

2. Healthy chicken schnitzel

Just as yum as your regular schnitzel, this version has been given a healthy makeover thanks to the trick of baking the chicken instead of frying. Enjoy

3. Garlic chicken schnitzel

Packed full of flavour, this schnitzel has a bit of flair thanks to the easy-peasy addition of garlic powder to its crumb. Bon appétit!

4. Crunchy chicken schnitzel

Crunchy food is good food, non? Cornflakes are the secret ingredient here.

5. Veal schnitzel

Schnitzel is traditionally made with veal (you’ll see it on menus as wiener schnitzel) so give chicken a rest and give this German staple a whirl instead.

6. Chicken schnitzel sandwich

Great for using up leftovers and perfect for lunch boxes, this schnitz sandwich is ridiculously good.

7. Easy chicken schnitzel

What’s better than a chicken schnitzel? Why, an EASY chicken schnitzel, of course. This one comes with its own snow pea salad to boot. Dinner. Done.

8. Parmesan crumb schnitzel

A hint of parmesan cheese in the crunchy coating for this little number gives a cheesy flavour, which only adds to the deliciousness. Dig in!

9. Japanese pork schnitzel

Chopsticks at the ready because this Japanese take on schnitzel is Asian-styled perfection.

10. Panko-crumbed schnitzel

Find panko breadcrumbs in the Asian aisle of supermarket. They add the most delectable crunch to a recipe, including this schnitzel.

10 scrummy sides

1. Hasselback potatoes

Like roasties? Then you’ll LOVE these! The clever slicing trick makes these the crispiest, crunchiest roast potatoes you’ll have ever tasted.

2. Simple French onion potato bake

Who knew that a packet of French onion soup could do THIS to the humble spud? So simple, so tasty.

3. Paris mashed potatoes

Oh, the French do know their food, don’t they? Look what they do to some mashed spuds to create a gastronomic delight. Sounds fancy, is easy, tastes fantastic. That’s all you need to know.

4. Broccoli with garlic and almonds

I cook these without the almonds for my kids (because they’re fussy about nuts) and with them for the adults. It’s just that little bit spesh and goes wonderfully with the crunch of a perfect schnitzel.

5. Roasted vegetables with chives

Who knew that a simple herb like chives could do such wonders to roast veggies? One of those ‘chop ‘em up and bung ‘em in the oven’ recipes, this one’s got a yoghurty sauce that goes sublimely with schnitzel.

6. Peas and bacon

You could whack some frozen peas in the microwave OR you could try this marriage made in heaven – sweet peas with salty bacon. Try it. Your schnitzel will love you for it.

7. Maple-roasted pumpkin

Oh my! A drizzle of maple syrup does wonderful things to roast pumpkin. Try it and see just how well the gentle sweetness goes with your schnitzel.

8. Crispy onion rings

Naughty but oh-so-nice. Who knew they could be so easy to make? Win!

9. Polenta chips

No longer just the preserve of trendy restaurants, polenta chips are soooo simple to whip up and make a nice change from your regular hot chips. This recipe has got a particularly fine tomato sauce to go with them too.

10. Zucchini and eggplant gratin

Such an easy way to get a double whammy of veggies into the kids, this side is a meal in itself (plus the cheesy tomato sauce goes exceptionally well with whatever schnitzel recipe tickles your fancy).

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