Winter Meal Plan

As the days get shorter and colder, it’s time to start enjoying all the winter comfort foods like soup, pot-roasts and warm porridge drizzled in honey for breakfast.

Brussels sprouts, carrots and nutrient-rich spinach are in season too to boost your immunity and help protect your family against winter colds and flu.

This winter meal plan has been created with both comfort foods and in-season produce in mind. To get the most out of it, read how to use the Winter meal plan.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
Sat These Bacon and egg muffins are a hot breakfast on the run.

Tip: Make a batch and freeze the leftovers for later

For an easy family lunch, make these Salami subs – simply fill a whole baguette and slice it into individual portions. Veal parmigiana is a real winter dinner favourite and you can team this easy recipe with some ratatouille to get a vitamin boost. Got old bananas sitting in the fruit bowl? Make Banana bread for the week’s snacks to use them up.
Sun Fill yourself up with this HUGE Big breakfast and some good coffee and juice. It’s Sunday after all, so indulge! If you have any room left after this morning’s big breakfast, you can make this roasted vegetable frittata for lunch.

Tip: Freeze leftover portions for lunch later in the week.

This pot roast has a delicious sweet gravy that will surprise you. Make some Maple roasted pumpkin and Hasselback potatoes to go with it. Cheese and zucchini scones are a healthy alternative to a muffin or cake.

Tip: Make a big batch and freeze some for later in the week.

Mon Fresh yoghurt with seasonal fruit is a great start to the week.

Tip: If you are working today, get tonight’s dinner into the slow cooker before you leave.

Use some of that fall apart roast meat from yesterday and layer it on fresh rolls with horseradish and salad. If you have time you can make your own bread rolls at home. If you managed to get that slow cooker on this morning then you will be having a delicious chicken soup tonight. If not, you can make Katie’s chicken soup in 20 minutes and still have a warm meal on the table. Take some time after dinner to make this easy Toasted muesli and serve it with homemade yoghurt.

Tip: Make enough for breakfast too!

Tue Toasted muesli with milk or yoghurt.

Tip: Add some fruit salad with blueberries for the great antioxidant properties.

Grab some of last night’s chicken soup and bake these tasty pesto and cheese scrolls to serve with it. This Meatloaf and creamy French onion potato bake can be popped into the oven together for an easy dinner tonight. Enjoy the Banana bread that you made on Saturday as a snack.
Wed Banana and honey porridge is a lovely warm breakfast on cold mornings and oats are also known for lowering cholesterol, so this is a healthy and comforting start the day. Roasted vegetable Frittata from the freezer along with a nice tomato and onion salad is a simple filling lunch This tasty chicken risotto will have the kids coming back for more with the chicken and bacon really packing a flavour punch.

Tip: Make extra for tomorrow’s lunch.

Have a nice warm Butterscotch self-saucing pudding for dessert. Add some cream or ice cream for a really indulgent tummy-warming treat.
Thu Reheat a frozen Bacon and egg muffin that you made on Saturday in the microwave for a warm brekky. Enjoy last night’s leftover Chicken risotto for lunch or make this easy low-fat Spaghetti carbonara if you have time. It’s guilt-free and delicious! Winter is the time to make soup for dinner and this Slow cooker taco soup is filling, easy to make and kid-friendly. You can serve it with crunchy corn chips or tortilla strips. Grab some of those cheese and zucchini scones that you made earlier in the week and fill them with leg ham and chutney for a delicious snack.
Fri Winter mornings call for a hot breakfast and French toast is just the thing.

Tip: Soak the bread in the egg overnight to pan-fry the next morning for a quick brekky.

These tasty Chicken wraps are quick to prepare and use supermarket salad and dips. Too-easy! Friday is a lazy night so you can get away with a really great toasted sandwich for dinner, like this Bacon, avocado and cheese melt.

Or if you feel like cooking though, this Quick chicken casserole is also a lazy Friday night dinner. There is no chopping involved as it uses frozen vegetables.

Crumbles are the classic winter dessert. Make this easy Apple and rhubarb crumble one after dinner tonight, or browse our crumble section for other exciting variations.


  1. kymmage 30/08/2018 at 7:18 pm

    Ohhh that made me hungry. I love the idea of a meal plan because I am really bad at thinking ahead for meals especially dinners. But having ideas other than the same breakfast every day would be good too!

  2. Bevik1971 27/08/2018 at 4:44 pm

    Great idea! My partner is stay at home Dad and is a Chef by trade (lucky!), so he buys and prepares all the meals, except for weekends where I give him a break haha. He’s in the process of doing a meal plan for my Mum at the moment as she finds it hard to cook decent meals being on her own and can’t think of ideas for meals 🙂

  3. dawnblyth 27/08/2018 at 2:00 pm

    Menu plans are a great way to get organised for busy days and weeks. I think it also helps with the budget and grocery list as you know what you need to buy. This makes preparation for meals a lot easier than looking in freezer aimlessly (as I do quite frequently) wondering what I am going to cook for tea that night.

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