Pizza pockets

Make your pizzas completely portable by folding them into tasty little pockets with the ingredients on the inside. They're delicious cold and make an ideal picnic or lunch box filler.

Little meat pies

Make your own little party pies with this recipe. Ideal for little fingers they make a great party food option. Make the filling the day before and the final baking will be done in half an hour.

Lunchbox pasties

Tired of packing sandwiches in your kids' lunch boxes every day? Try this easy alternative. Lunchbox pasties use ready rolled pastry sheets and have a healthy filling of chopped vegetables with a handful of cheese.

Fun sushi balls

If your kids like sushi, they’ll love opening up their lunch boxes to find these fun sushi rice balls. Filled with avocado and tuna, they’re the perfect transportable sandwich alternative for school days.

Cauliflower tots

These cheesy tots are so delicious that no one will even know their main ingredient is cauliflower. Rustle these hidden-veg morsels up for a tasty snack or lunch box treat your littlies will love.