Christmas shortbread

Nothing says Christmas quite like buttery shortbread. These crumbly biscuits are a simple sweet treat and make thoughtful festive gifts. For a less traditional version try pistachio and cranberry shortbread -just mix in cranberries and pistachios. Either version is sure to be a hit this Christmas!

Christmas jelly slice

Nothing says Christmas like this festive jelly slice! With a buttery biscuit base, creamy filling and a bright jelly topping, both adults and kids will love it as a sweet treat this festive season. And to top it off, this slice is super-easy to make!

Christmas Royals

The kids will love to help you make these delicious little xmas treats. They are super easy to make and require no baking so quite to whip up and look amazing on the Christmas treat platter.

Mince pie pops

These teeny tiny mince pie pops are a bite-sized dessert to serve at your Christmas cocktail party or even just a fun pop to make with the kids.

Edible glitter

There's nothing better than a sprinkle of sparkle at any time of the year but come Christmas, it's positively to be expected! Decorate cupcakes, cakes, desserts and, in this case, fruit, with this easy edible glitter recipe that's made from coloured sugar.