How to dress like a clown

Dressing up like a clown is easy because the only rule is: there are no rules. However, as a guideline, it should be eclectic, mismatched and completely without logic. You should be able to find enough pieces of clothing in your child's drawer or dress up box to cobble together a clown outfit.

Flower Crowns

One for the older kids (or a parent to help out with), this is a way to put those flowers the kids pick on a walk to good use. Or grab some from your own garden when they're in bloom and make some super-easy flower crowns for your super-cute flower children.

Dracula costume

You can make a simple vampire dress up at home without too much fuss. Your child will love this spooky Dracula dress up idea for Halloween or dress up games.

Easy costume: Mr McGee

If you are looking for an easy Book Week fix, this Mr McGee costume can be cobbled together from things in your own wardrobe. It's from Pamela Allen's popular picture book, Mr McGee And The Blackberry Jam and it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Make a Chinese hat

Dressing up is always a popular games with kids of all ages - and they love it even more when they can make their own homemade dress ups. They will have plenty of fun making this very easy hat project.

Make a hula skirt

Summer, winter, autumn or spring, get into the Hawaiian spirit by strapping on an easy homemade hula skirts. Play dress-ups with your kids and indulge in a luau or kids Hawaiian beach party today with these sweet Hawaiian costumes.