Margherita pizza

Make this basic Margherita pizza with our super simple pizza dough recipe, our easy pizza sauce and then add cherry tomatoes and cheese for a deliciously easy Italian meal.

Easy pizza sauce

This simply made, but super tasty, sauce is perfect to spread on a pizza base. Use the leftovers to top an English muffin or to toss through pasta.

One pan lasagne

If you really love lasagne but don't want to wait hours and have a sink full of dishes then this recipe is for you. It has all the delicious flavours of lasagne but this recipe is quick and easy!

Marcella’s minestrone

The secret to this veggie-packed soup is in the parmesan rind which flavours the broth. Keep yours in the freezer when you come to the end of a chunk of parmesan and you'll always have it ready for when you're making soup. Serve this heart soup with crusty bread and extra cheese.

Pita pizza

Kids love to help make these yummy quick pizzas they are crispy and delicious you can add extra to them or make them to taste

Sausage and mushroom pasta

This sausage and mushroom pasta is a robust dish made with pork and fennel sausages. It’s a recipe that is great for mums with busy days because it can be on the table within 20 minutes of arriving home – if you move around as quickly as Jamie Oliver! Perhaps half an hour if you are more like me.

Pesto pasta pronto

Dinner doesn't get much easier or quicker than this pesto pasta. A great meat-free meal on it's own, you can also adapt it to your own tastes by adding chicken, bacon, asparagus or peas.

Penne lasagne

Everyone loves pasta so this recipe for lasagne using penne pasta is great for a family dinner. Make it on the weekend and freeze so you have dinner for during the week sorted.

Hawaiian pizza

Make everyone's favourite tropical pizza with our easy pizza dough, even easier pizza sauce and then top them off with ham, pineapple and cheese. Yummo!