Eggplant parmigana

This is a great veggie dish when you have to feed meat lovers as well as vegetarians. The eggplant has a meaty texture and combined with tomatoes and cheese makes for a satisfying main course.


I made this fettuccini using a Pasta Maker, and I was impressed at how quick and delicious fresh pasta was to make! This simple recipe is cheap, easy and ready in no time.

White bean dip

If you like hummus then try this white bean dip for something a little bit different. It's easy to make, tastes delicious and is a great source of protein.

Olive focaccia

Making bread isn't as hard as you might think. This foccacia is topped with olives and garlic for a delicious bake that will make your whole house smell gorgeous.

Tomato meatballs

These tomato meatballs are a great budget-friendly dinner that incorporates mince, tinned tomato soup and other seasonings. Serve it with mashed potato for a delicious dinner on a cold evening.

Fettuccini carbonara

Pasta dinners are always a favourite with kids - and no one does spaghetti quite like the Italians. This traditional carbonara recipe is quick, simple and sure to be a hit with the whole family

One pan chicken alfredo

This One pan chicken alfredo recipe has a traditional garlic and cheesy flavoured sauce that is teamed up with chicken and penne. Make it today and you'll have more time to enjoy eating and less time washing up!

Three cheese pasta

This simple three cheese pasta is a tasty dish if your family love macaroni cheese but you require something with a bigger flavour. You can use your favourite pasta.

Rocket and basil pesto

This rocket and basil pesto has a smoother flavour than just straight basil pesto. You can use it anywhere you would use basil pesto like with pasta, on toast and tossed through roasted vegetables.

Minestrone soup

Minestrone soup is real Italian style meal in a bowl and is a perfect way to feed a crowd on a winter's day. The vegetables have a robust flavour and the beans and pasta are filling and nutritious.