Lamb and barley bake

This yummy oven bake uses barley; the unsung hero among grains. It's a low GI food, an excellent source of dietary fibre, has a lovely, chewy texture and a delicious nutty flavour. Combined with tender lamb, this is a tasty family crowd pleaser.

Lovely lamb

Whether you are throwing it on the BBQ, sliding it into the slow cooker or making a roast, we have something here for every lamb lover!

Lamb in pita pockets

Great for lunch or a weekend dinner, these lamb pita pockets are a great economical way to introduce some lamb into your regular menu. These are also great for picnics - no cutlery required!

Lamb chop casserole

This easy lamb chop casserole recipe is a great way to use this always popular cut of lamb. Served with mashed potato and green beans, it will become a family favourite casserole.

Moroccan lamb

This fragrant dish uses forequarter lamb chops which are packed with flavour and easy on the budget. Baked with spices and veggies, all you need to add to this heart dinner is a bed of couscous.

Little lamb shank pies

These little lamb shank pies are a delicious snack or meal any day of the week and are a great way to use up leftovers. They’re also impressive enough to serve to guests - who doesn’t love a homemade pie?

Baby lamb balti pies

These scrummy tasty little pies have a mild Indian lamb taste you can add extra to the grown up ones. You can mix it all into one large casserole dish and have a cottage pie with a twist

Lamb and noodle salad

Try this Asian-inspired salad for a nutritious dinner idea. Tender lamb fillets on a bed of crisp veggies and noodles topped with a creamy, spiced dressing make this a hearty salad that you'll make again and again.

Spring lamb burgers

These burgers are made from tender lamb mince, rosemary and garlic. Top them with a minty, yoghurt sauce and serve in buns with crisp salad for a meal that tastes as good as it looks.

Lamb meatballs

When served with polenta, rice or pasta these lamb meatballs will be a favourite dinner at your house. Easy to make and full of flavour these meatballs are also very budget-friendly.