Car wash

Children love being outdoors, running around and finding ways to play with water. Washing the car is a great way to get children involved in an activity while enjoying natural play with water.

A rainy day activity box

Keeping your kids entertained on a rainy day is a great way to get them to play using their imagination. There are heaps of make-believe activities that will keep your kids entertained for hours that require little more than a few basic essentials.

Backyard camping

Children will love to camp outside in the backyard. A fun way to play and engage with the natural world, backyard camping can lead to all sorts of imaginative games.

Have an outdoor bath

Children love playing in pools, splashing around in the water. Turn your play pool into an outdoor bath and your kids will have heaps of fun using their imagination to create watery games while getting clean. 

Dress up as fairies

Imaginative play is so much fun. Children can be very creative and play for hours. Dressing up as fairies is a great way for children to play they can explore the garden looking for fairy flowers!

Shaving cream play

Children love to play and get a little bit messy! Try this is fun activity that will encourage imaginative natural play and keep your kids busy for hours it can be played indoors on a tray or outdoors for really messy play.

Making mud pies

Making mud pies is one of the great joys of childhood! Your kids will spend many happy hours magicking up messy pies that they can use in open-ended imaginative games later.