Tomato pizza squares

Are you looking for the perfect lunch box pizza? It doesn’t get any easier than these delicious pizza squares. Make them your own with your favourite toppings or follow our recipe.

Snowman pizza

We may not get snow at Christmas in New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean the kids can’t make a snowman. Get into the festive spirit with these fun snowman pizzas.

Quick pizza sauce

Have you ever craved pizza and then realised you're out of pizza sauce? This yummy version can be made from pantry ingredients so you'll be munching on delicious pizza in no time at all.

Caprese pizza

This is a traditional Italian pizza that has just three toppings that are the same colours as the Italian flag. The flavours are simple and satisfying and it’s really easy to make.

Healthy pita pizzas

This healthy pizza is fast, delicious and packed full of veggies. The fresh bocconcini cheese instead of traditional mozzarella means it’s lower in fat, better for you but tastes just as good Enjoy!.

Crazy dough

This crazy dough is a magic, universal miracle dough that you can keep in the fridge and pull a piece off to use in your next meal. You can use it to make pizza bases, focaccia, dinner rolls and even scrolls.

Pizza dough

This easy pizza dough recipe makes enough for two dinners, or four pizzas. Once you have split the dough in half, you can wrap half in glad wrap and freeze it until you need it for the next pizza night.


A simple recipe with topping ideas for families to make easy pizzas at home tailored to your own favourite tastes and flavours. There are lots of interesting combinations you can try. Buon appetito!

Pizza wraps

Run out of time to cook a healthy and filling dinner for the family? These fast pizza wraps are just the dinner solution you are looking for! That's dinner on the table in under 20 minutes AND everyone will gobble it up with glee. Bonus!