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Coca-Cola chicken stir fry

This Coca-Cola chicken stir fry is fast, easy and convenient to get on the table. It uses thin chicken strips with fast cooking frozen vegetables for a 20 minute meal. Instead of traditional Asian sweeteners like palm or brown sugar it uses cola to sweeten the sauce.

Chicken and snow pea stir-fry

This chicken and snow pea stir fry is a really easy dinner option with simple flavours that even the kids will love. The combination of soy sauce, hoisin and sweet chilli sauce is also tasty. Add some carrot or capsicum if you want to up the veggie content.

Fast hoisin chicken stirfry

This fast chicken stir-fry can be prepared in under 20 minutes. Using pre-prepared noodles and ready-cut chicken will help you get this fast healthy meal on the table in no time. It's tasty and has crispy vegetables that are bright and packed full of nutrition.