Cook Up A Relaxing Mother’s Day

For those of us with mums of our own, Mother’s Day is a tricky one to juggle. On the one hand we want the day to be all about us, it is after all called MOTHER’S DAY, but on the other, we also want to spoil our own mums. Kidspot has the recipes for a stress-free Mother’s Day that will indulge you (and your own mum).

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Simple mother’s day tip 1: “Breakfast in bed, please!”

As much as special Mother’s Day hugs, kisses and presents are wonderful, ask any mum what she’d really like for mother’s day and she’ll tell you the same thing: sleep! Let it be known in your household that the best gift they can give you is a simple, but oh-so-lovely, lie-in – preferably while the kids are busy in the kitchen preparing you breakfast in bed! Need a recipe? Suggest they try:

A baking project for the kids are these 3 ingredient apple Danishes with frozen puff pastry – they’re delicious for breakfast or as a yummy morning tea.

Note to family: Breakfast should ideally be served with a cup of tea and the chance to read the Sunday papers!

Simple Mother’s Day tip 2: Plan an effortless dinner

This is the one night of the year you should definitely have off from cooking the evening family meal and a slow cooker recipe is just your ticket – try this Stuffed lamb shoulder that dad can prepare in the morning. After a day of tender slow-cooking, the meat is melt-in-your mouth delicious come dinner time!

Simple Mother’s Day tip 3: Easy morning tea

These yummy Raspberry and lime friands are super quick to whip up (under 30mins including the baking!) and are a simple and sweet treat to take nanna or grandma on Mother’s Day. Alternatively, if you feel like making something with that extra wow factor, then this easy, yet impressive, Rosewater cake is perfect.

If the kids want to get their hands messy making grandma something special, try this quick and simple recipe for Buttermilk scones.

Simple Mother’s Day tip 4: “Take me out for lunch!”

Go out for lunch, somewhere as a family. As busy mums, we’re rarely treated to a meal that doesn’t involve us preparing it, or wiping gungy bits off chairs after it, so why not ask the family to take you to a cafe or restaurant and be waited on? You could also find something fun to do together – have a look at The Directory for family fun activities in your area.

Recipe Step 5: Dinner is a cinch

Easy-peasy. If the lamb has been slow cooking all day, dinner will be a cinch. All that needs to be done is to steam some potatoes and beans and voila! Alternatively, if someone wants to make you a meal from scratch, suggest they try these quick fix recipes:

Hopefully you haven’t had to wash up a single dish or look at the washing machine all day. You’ve been well and truly spoilt and you haven’t overlooked your mum either.

Take a well-rested mummy, add a yummy breakfast, an easy morning tea, a special lunch out and relaxing dinner and you have the ultimate recipe for a very happy Mother’s Day!

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