No-sugar birthday party recipes that are still yum and fun!

It’s time to kick sugar to the curb, and show those hungry hordes of kids that you CAN make an exciting smorgasbord of party food without coating everything in sugar!

Fruit party treats

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with serving up a big dose of fresh fruit at your next birthday bash. Try these exciting new ways to get fruity, and watch the kids dig in with unbridled enthusiasm.

1. Fresh fruit birthday cake

This clever alternative to a traditional birthday cake is SO simple but has tons of wow-power. One slice will never be enough!

2. Easy mango coconut granita

Scoop mound-fuls of this into individual little cups, for an icy snack that is bursting with fruity flavours. So refreshing.

3. Grapesicles

Who knew a skewer full of frozen grapes could cause such excitement? Try it, and you will see it for yourself.

4. Creamy coconut and pineapple popsicles

Get set for a cooling tropical treat made with velvety coconut cream and a touch of honey. Party on, kids!

Savoury party bites

Don’t get hung up on the sweet stuff. Yummy savoury food at a party is just as important. This selection of filling food is so impressive, you’ll wonder why you’ve never gone sugar-free before!

5. Pizza pops

These mess-free pizza pockets are both filling AND fun. Make a range of healthy fillings, and you’re guaranteed to keep every guest happy.

6. Guacamole dip

Make it nice and spicy or keep it mild, either way your little guests won’t be able to resist this glorious green dip.

7. Vietnamese rice paper rolls

Add a touch of Asian inspiration to the party table, with these colourful and super-healthy parcels. Yes please!

8. Healthy homemade crackers

Just the thing to go with your tasty guacamole dip (see recipe 9.), a tray of these crunchy seasoned crackers will disappear before your eyes.

9. Nacho popcorn

Here’s how to add some oomph to a plain bowl of popcorn. Remember to save some for yourself before the crowd tucks in.

10. Healthy vegetable and chicken sausage rolls

The hidden veggies in these mouth-watering bites makes this party offering about as perfect as possible.

11. Ants on a log

Peanut butter, celery and sultanas – sounds strange, right? Well, maybe … but you just won’t believe how GOOD these taste. Prepare to get hooked.

12. Crunchy lion sandwiches

Don’t discount a good old fashioned sandwich. Just a little bit of effort and a spark of creativity – cutest thing on the table!

13. Dried zucchini chips

These utterly yum zucchini bits will give traditional potato crisps a good run for their money. Terribly more-ish for mums and dads too.

14. Crispy chicken tenders

Add a supply of these crunchy chicken dippers to the party table, for a warm and belly-filling munch.

15. Sneaky pumpkin muffins

The best thing about these veggie-laden muffins is that they are 100 percent HEALTHY. Go on, make a double batch!

16. Cucumber roll-ups

They may look a little too posh for a kid’s party but trust us, once those kids take their first bite they’ll be begging for more.

17. Quinoa calamari rings

Try this oven-baked twist on traditional calamari rings for party food that will bring the house down.

Traditional party food

Have your cake and eat it too! There are still ways to enjoy something sweet and chocolatey – without adding a cup (or more!) of sugar. Just check out these lip-smacking party treats.

18. Healthy chocolate power balls

Made for popping straight into your mouth, there’s A LOT to love about these rich, chewy and very chocolatey treats.

19. No-bake trail mix cookies

Packed with the goodness of fruit and seeds, these seriously yummy biccies are all the more amazing because they don’t require baking!

20.  Healthy chocolate crackles

Say goodbye to sugar and unhealthy Copha, and hello to a fabulous combo of honey and coconut oil. Just wow!

21. Healthy chocolate brownies

Do the kids a favour and offer up a plate of no added sugar brownies. They are nothing short of HEAVENLY, and so healthy to boot!

22. 2-ingredient energy bars

If you’re planning an active kids’ party, then you definitely need to make a batch of these. They will be gobbled up with utter glee.

23. Healthy yoghurt bites

This has to be the easiest party snack ever invented! No more bowls of M&M’s or Smarties, try these healthy frozen yoghurt drops instead.

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