Wow, this is sensational. When you slice it up into servings, there are lots of lovely layers to admire, briefly, as you demolish every last mouthful!

Yoghurt parfait

Try this simple dessert when you want to get the kids to eat more fruit without nagging! Layer up pretty glasses with yoghurt and grapes for a colourful dessert that will see them begging for more.

Meringue baskets

This easy peasy dessert idea only has four ingredients and is really a matter of assembly, rather than cooking. Choose whichever flavour of ice cream you fancy to fill the meringue nests, then top with berries and grated chocolate.

Cherry ripe cheesecake

This deliciously pink cheesecake has a sneaky little cheat in the recipe - using jelly to set the cream cheese filling. How clever is that? Totally sinful, this is the dessert to make when you want to wow an audience of grateful diners.

Cheesecake dip

The ingredients for this dip are a little bit naughty, but it is a great way to get that cheesecake flavour without actually having a slice of cheesecake. If you use lots of fresh fruit to dip in this I think it’s a great treat.

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse is a classic French dessert that shouts decadence. It's good to know then that it it's quick and easy to make and uses less chocolate than you may think! Light and fluffy, this chocolate mousse recipe will demand to be made more than once.

Tarte Tatin

This classic French dessert uses ready made puff pastry topped with caramelised apples. Serve with vanilla ice cream or a dollop of crème frâiche for a delicious way to end a special meal

Magic cake

The magic in Magic cake is that it separates into layers in the oven with little-to-no effort from you. It has a sponge top and custard centre.

Golden syrup dumplings

Golden syrup makes everything delicious and the same goes for these fluffy dumplings! Let the syrup soak in before serving them with vanilla ice cream or cream for a decadent dessert that will even the hungriest tum.

Rich almond tart

This Rich almond tart has a lovely moist and buttery quality that makes it a great dessert for a family celebration. Enjoy with a dollop of cream or ice cream. So delish!

Banana custard pie

This lovely pie combines homemade custard with fresh bananas and a jam glaze that goes perfectly with a crisp shortcrust pastry shell. Easy to make and a kid-favourite too!


Florentines are a yummy little snack that incorporates sultanas, cornflakes, almonds, glace cherries and chocolate. They're super-quick to bake and make a delicious afternoon snack.

Cherry ripe slice

Rich and delicious if you love cherry ripe you will adore this baked biscuit layered slice of heaven combining a sweet cherry centre with luscious dark chocolate

Walnut brownies

If you like a denser, gooier brownie, remove from the oven at around 18 minutes. These are delicious and make then healthier by adding fruit with a slice of fresh strawberry... YUM

Shamrock jellies

These shamrock jellies are made with jelly crystals and ice cream and give a pretty green two-tone effect. They taste delicious and the kids will have fun making them for St Patrick's Day.

Caramel peach crumble

This healthy caramel peach crumble will have the whole family coming back for more. Everyone thinks that fruit crumbles are healthy, but they can hide lashings of butter and too much sugar. This crumble recipe lets you have your crumble and your health too!