Sausage kebabs

Here's a fun way to serve sausages to the kids, with the added bonus of built-in vegetables to ensure a balanced meal they'll love to eat.

Chicken and snow pea stir-fry

This chicken and snow pea stir fry is a really easy dinner option with simple flavours that even the kids will love. The combination of soy sauce, hoisin and sweet chilli sauce is also tasty. Add some carrot or capsicum if you want to up the veggie content.

Mini meat pies

These mini meat pies are delicious, and great to make in advance for lunches and dinners throughout the week. Cook up a huge batch and store them in the fridge to be heated up for dinner, or popped in school lunch boxes to save yourself the morning rush.

Margherita pizza

Make this basic Margherita pizza with our super simple pizza dough recipe, our easy pizza sauce and then add cherry tomatoes and cheese for a deliciously easy Italian meal.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Nothing beats a good spaghetti bolognaise recipe for a hungry family. This recipe is easy to make and includes grated vegetables that your kids won't even know they are eating!

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is a family favourite that is easy to make and kind to the budget. Using butternut pumpkin, nutmeg, chicken stock and a little sour cream at the end, you can have this soup on the table in an hour.

Spaghetti with pesto

Get dinner on the table in no time at all with this recipe for spaghetti with pesto. Making your own pesto is really quick and easy but if you prefer, buy a good quality pesto to stir through the spaghetti.

Coconut rice recipe

Coconut rice gives the idea of rice pudding a whole new meaning! The perfect finish to an Asian-inspired meal, this easy dessert combines the creaminess of cooked rice and coconut milk with the freshness of banana slices. Delicious!

Sticky pineapple pork ribs

Here's a kid favourite which it's best to start first thing in the morning if you want the flavour to develop properly. It's not hard though - just pineapple juice, sugar, soy and garlic will make these ribs melt in the mouth. Just have plenty of napkins handy!

Moo burgers

Made moist with sour cream in the mix, these moo burgers are a great way to use up beef mince when you're not sure what to cook. Serve on lightly-toasted buns with cheese and salad for a burger from heaven.

Chicken fried rice

This chicken fried rice is a great quick kids' dinner when you want to use up leftover veggies in the fridge and have some BBQ chicken to hand too! Some quick chopping action and frying pan is all that's needed to get this tasty meal on the table in minutes!

Healthy fish and chips

This healthy version of fish and chips will save your waistline and give you a healthy tasty meal. Fresh fish should be a regular part of your diet and this is a great way to cook it without deep frying.

Macaroni cheese

There's nothing simpler to make - or more comforting to eat - than macaroni cheese. Serve on its own for an easy Sunday dinner or as a side dish with a barbecue and a fresh green salad.

All-in chicken leg bake

Try this simple baked dinner when you want juicy chicken and tender roast veggies but don't fancy the washing up! This recipe uses just one baking dish which gives you all the flavour with none of the mess. Enjoy!