Pancake pops

These cute little pancake pops are delicious dipped in sticky maple syrup and are perfect for your party table. You won't be able to stop at just one!

Cherry ripe slice

Rich and delicious if you love cherry ripe you will adore this baked biscuit layered slice of heaven combining a sweet cherry centre with luscious dark chocolate

Spicy crab cob dip

If you want a lighter version you can use low fat cream cheese and substitute sweet chilli sauce in place of tabasco in this moreish spicy crab cob dip sure to have you going back for more than you ought to.

Barnaby the beetle

This cute little edible beetle is the perfect gift for your kids to make. Sit them down and let them assemble their beetle using lollies and pipe cleaners so they can give them out to their friends.

BBQ chicken wings

The secret to this tasty recipe for BBQ chicken wings is in the plum sauce that gives these wings a mellow fruity flavour that can't be beaten. Make plenty because they'll all go quick sticks!

Prawn cocktail

These prawns are easy to prepare, simple, stylish, and great Christmas entrée. A fast, easy alternative to the traditional prawn cocktail the family will love - and the avocado dressing really kicks off its flavour.

Shamrock jellies

These shamrock jellies are made with jelly crystals and ice cream and give a pretty green two-tone effect. They taste delicious and the kids will have fun making them for St Patrick's Day.

Chocolate bread

This chocolate bread is great with a cup of coffee or to pop into the lunch box or for a quick dessert add cream and raspberries on the side

Hot air balloons

These little cakes made up with cake mix, ice cream cones and balloons look just like little hot air balloons. They look fantastic and will be a hit at your next birthday party.

Elmo cupcakes

Kids and grown-ups alike love him and now you can easily have Elmo cupcakes at your party. Take your favourite cupcake recipe and decorate just like this for little effort and lots of wow factor.

Beetroot dip

Beetroot dip is a wonderful dip to serve at parties - full of bright beetroot flavours, this recipe is a snap to make. Simply whizz all the ingredients together in a food processor and you're done!

Rock cakes

Rock cakes are great for the lunch box or with a cup of coffee who can say no. I don't use mixed peed but find glace cherries are a real hit


This easy dip is made from chickpeas and flavoured with lemon and cumin. Serve with crisp veggie crudités and pitta bread for a healthy snack.