Ice play

Inspire your child's imagination with ice play, a great science experiment kids activity that may just spark a lifetime of scientific curiosity. Kids love to explore the unknown so dive into this fun science project today.

Float your icy boats

Kids never seem to tire of playing with water - especially on a hot summer's day. Why not make these cool (literally!) frozen icy boats and let them float in a tub or pool or bucket. The kids will enjoy playing with the boats and watching the colours melt in the "pond".

Sponge pass

This is a fun great game to play with the kids if you don't mind getting wet. Water games are fun and when you combine a simple sponge, a bucket of water and a lot of laughs, you've got Sponge pass!

Sprinkler twister

This is a wonderfully fun twist on a classic game that everyone loves to play! Stay cool while you twist and turn and try and keep your footing while getting soaked with the hose!

Scavenger hunt

Playing in the swimming pool is loads of fun, especially if you include this game. It can be played by all ages, making it a race for the older ones to see who can get the most objects or just a familiarisation to water with the younger ones.

Make a pool noodle raft

Combine outdoor fun with science experiments by challenging your kids to make a raft out of pool noodles. Will it float? Will it hold together? Will it carry your weight? What else can you do with your pool noodle raft?

Sharks and minnows

This is a summertime favourite! Get the kids in the pool and play this fabulous kids birthday party game of sharks and minnows. This pool game is a great kids activity to liven up any party. Just remember to keep a few responsible adults around to keep watch.  


Having a pool party? Then category is a great choice for a kids party game. This kids activity keeps your child guessing as they try to discover the secrets behind the category. Kids pool games have never been this fun so plan a game today.

Dolphins in the water

A great game to strengthen childrens swimming skills, this pool game encourages children to work as a part of a team. Gather the kids and hold on tight as you watch them develop their skills in the pool. Keep watch though!

Ping pong ruckus

This fun summer pool game will be a hit with everyone in the pool. Enjoy watching as the kids race against each other to fill their bucket first. Who will end up with the most ping pong balls? Only time will tell.

Add on

Test out the kids memory and ability to hold their breath at the same time. Each time one of the kids goes under the water, another task is added. Best for kids a little older and able to complete tasks. Make sure there is always an adult on hand.

Watering can fun

Younger kids will get a giggle out of this water game. Familiarise them with water on their face, hands and feet with this water play game. Have them fill many containers and watch them tip is all out all over again.

Mermaid swim races

Beat the heat at your next pool party and stay cool by playing mermaid swim races. This mermaid swimming game is a great activity for a pool party, a little extra sibling rivalry or just because there is a great gathering at the pool.

Wet shirt relay race

Summer is the best time of year for water games and the wet shirt relay race is a fun way to stay cool and enjoy family games. Grab the kids and some friends and organise a game for your next kids party.

Water bomb toss

Summer is the time of year to play water games so for your next kids party game, play Water bomb toss. It's easy and fun to play, so if you have a pool, get the kids laughing as they stay cool!

Find a coin

This is a great game to play in the pool with the kids or make it a summer party game! The kids will love racing against their friends to find the coins first.

Marco Polo

Marco? Polo! Marco Polo is a fun game for confident swimmers who enjoy strategy and chasing games. Find your way around this great pool game for kids with these easy step-by-step instructions and great variations!

White whale game

White whale is a fantastic outdoor kids party game that's perfect during summer when you want to cool off with a pool game. Kids love to get into the water during the warm weather so why not introduce a fun game to get them laughing as they play!

Balloon toss

Enjoy this made-for-summer activity for kids with balloon toss! On a hot summer day, water balloons are always a hit with children so get your kids in the pool and let the action begin!

Cannonball pool jump

Summer means it is time for water games and outdoor activities in the pool! So why not grab the family or your friends and challenge them to the cannonball pool jump. You do not need anything other than your swimming costume and a few friends.

Water war

Summer is a great time to play with water so challenge the kids with this fun kids party game, Water War! Wage war on the heat and play as you keep cool at your next gathering with some fun water games.