Chicken soup

Nothing soothes the soul like chicken soup. You can use this recipe as a good base for classic chicken soup, or add some chilli, lime, ginger and coriander for a thai-style version.

Katie’s chicken soup

There are times when only chicken noodle soup will do. And when only chicken noodle soup will do, this is the recipe for you. Full of flavour, it's quick and easy to make and you'll be able to slurp up a bowl in no time at all.

Minestrone soup

Minestrone soup is real Italian style meal in a bowl and is a perfect way to feed a crowd on a winter's day. The vegetables have a robust flavour and the beans and pasta are filling and nutritious.

Easy chicken soup

This hearty, delicious soup comes together in hardly any time and is the perfect lunch. It is also known as Harira. It is a popular street food in Morocco and is traditionally eaten to break Ramadan.

Kill a kilo soup

This kill a kilo soup is said to help you lose weight because you spend more energy digesting it than it contains. I can't vouch for that but it is very filling, tasty and will keep you feeling full for a long time.

Spring minestrone

This comforting, healthy soup is a wonderful thing to make with and for your kids at this time of year. Get them to help you chop (if old enough!) all the vegetables into nice, neat little squares and begin teaching them some very basic knife skills.

Creamy spinach soup

This soup is fun because it’s bright green. I enticed the kids to eat it by issuing them with a challenge: “I bet you’re not game to try this!” They were shocked to find they liked it and backed up for seconds.

Garlic soup

There may seem to be a lot of garlic in this soup, but once it has been roasted, its creamy sweetness will have you coming back for more. It will also help to keep winter germs away.