Impressive ways to make a cafe style breakfast at home

Sunday morning breakfast at my fave cafe down the road, is always one of the highlights of my weekend. But, cha-ching – a full breakfast can set me back quite a bit. Especially if I have the kids in tow! That’s why I’ve started making my own crazy-good, cafe-style breakfasts at home.

This weekend though, it’s time for a complete break, so I’m leaving these recipes to the hubby and kids. What better morning could I ask for than a cafe-style breakfast in the comfort of my PJs, with no make-up or hairbrush required??


Stack of chocolate pancakes topped with ice cream and strawberries

1. Chocolate pancakes

Fancy starting the day with something a little naughty? These chocolately rounds will satisfy anyone who wakes up with a hankering for something sweet.

2. Apple and cinnamon pancakes

If you like your pancakes a little tamer, this apple and cinnamon version will fit the bill very nicely. You’ll be back for seconds, so be warned.

3. Ricotta pancakes with honeycomb butter

Not withstanding the delicious butter topping, these pancakes are entirely sugar-free, which makes them ideal for the little people in your life.

4. Coconut flour pancakes

Got food allergies at your place? This recipe is fab for those that need to steer clear of wheat or dairy – without compromising on taste or texture!

5. French crepes with berries

Great for a celebratory breakfast, or whenever you’re in the mood for a brekkie dish that’s a little bit more special than the norm.

Everything eggy!

Cafe-style bacon and egg cups

6. Bacon and egg cups

Take two bog-standard breakfast ingredients and turn them into something quite unique. Gorgeous to look at and more even more gorgeous to eat!

7. Green eggs and ham

If your kids are reluctant breakfast eaters, perhaps Dr. Seuss can help! Aptly named after one of the writer’s most famous stories, this brekkie will prove irresistible.

8. Big breakfast

Like your breakfast without all the trendy trimmings? No worries, this recipe will enable you to get a traditional big fry up on the table in next to no time.

9. Breakfast burritos

Sometimes you need to eat brekkie on the go, and this recipe is both filling and full of breakfast goodness. It’s the ultimate morning sandwich.

10. Bull’s eye egg

For a fun kids’ brekkie that will turn your little ones into obsessive egg-eaters, try this fried eggy delight. It’s much easier to make than it looks.

11. Spicy Spanish eggs

This spicy dish of poached eggs in a fragrant tomato salsa, is the quintessential winter breakfast. Best served with chunks of your favourite bread.

12. Scrambled eggs with basil, garlic and tomato

Inject some Italian-style lovin’ into scrambled eggs, for a morning time feed you’ll want every day of the week. Delizioso!

Breakfast in a bowl

Blueberry overnight oats

13. Blueberry overnight oats

Always strapped for time in the mornings? Prepare this yummy breakfast the night before for a wake-up call you’ll appreciate.

14. Baked cinnamon apple porridge

Nothing is quite as comforting as bowl of this creamy porridge. When this is on the menu, chilly mornings are more than welcome.

15. Raspberry and coconut smoothie bowl

Part smoothie, part cereal – this hybrid brekkie will keep you going until lunchtime. Destined to become a family favourite.

16. Rice cooker quinoa porridge

Forget standing at the stove and stirring your porridge, just pull out the rice cooker and let it do all the hard work for you. Easy and yum!

17. Coconut oil granola

The smell alone will make you salivate. All the trendy cafes have coconut oil on the menu, and now you will too!

Breads, muffins (and other goodies)

French toast bake

18. French toast bake

Make a breakfast they’ll never forget, with this extremely more-ish baked French toast. With a sticky butterscotch base, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more divine brekkie dish.

19. Wholemeal pear and ginger muffins

These lovely wholesome bites are packed with fibre and have a delish gentle flavour that even the kids will love.

20. Almond croissants

For a cheat’s way to make the most melt-in-your-mouth homemade croissants, this recipe is the business!

21. Soft poppyseed milk bread

Cut thick slices of this fluffy bread and smother with your favourite spread, for a brekkie that is simple but spot on.

22. Baked oatmeal cups

These novel little breakfast cups are designed to look like muffins, but you pour milk or cream over them before eating. Yum!

23. Teddy bear toast

Fussy tots will suddenly eat their breakfast with new found gusto, when they see this cute plate in front of them. You can thank us later.

24. Pan-fried banana and Nutella sandwich

We’re certainly not suggesting you eat this every weekend, but once in a while it’s a super-duper treat that will leave you smacking you lips.

25. Breakfast bars

Those who aren’t fans of traditional breakfast fare will really appreciate the brilliance of this tasty and nutritious brekkie slice.

26. Palmiers

If your dream breakfast involves sweet, crispy, homemade pastries, then this recipe is just what the doctor ordered.

27. Tomato and ricotta breakfast bread

You’ll never tire of this flavour-packed bake. Mix it up a little, and try other fillings according to what you feel like on the day. We love a versatile recipe!

28. Walnut loaf with apple butter

This amazing loaf will rival anything you can order in the ritziest breakfast joint, and you can serve it straight from your own oven. Bliss!

Spreads and sides

Homemade baked beans

29. Homemade baked beans

Forget the store-bought variety, learn to make your own baked beans at home and you’ll never feel the need to eat breakfast out ever again!

30. Ginger and peach jam

Spread onto a slice of toast, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a lovely homemade fruity condiment. Pop it in a pretty jar and it tastes even better!

31. Strawberry yoghurt with crunchy bits

Here’s how to beef up a serve of plain, natural yoghurt into a cafe-worthy main course. It’s a brilliant brekkie for those who aren’t keen on hot meals in the morning.

32. Hash browns

No breakfast fry-up is ever complete without a side of crunchy potato cakes. Add whatever herbs you like to make them that little bit more gourmet.

33. Lemon butter

This OMG spread is one of life’s simple pleasures. Smear it on hot buttered toast for a breakfast you will never be able to refuse.

34. Maple poached pears

Pop these peaches on top of a stack of pancakes, on your cereal or porridge, or eat them with a dollop of yoghurt. There’s always a belly-filling way to put this recipe to good use.

35. Homemade almond butter

You’ll be knocked over by the amazing smell as you prepare this spread, and will be equally as delighted with your first taste.

Brekkie drinks

Creamy pineapple smoothie

36. Sunshine breakfast smoothie

This smooth as silk drinkable brekkie will transport you to a tropical island destination. Do yourself a favour, and try it ASAP!

37. Nutty pear and chocolate smoothie

When the kids wake up and beg you for a chocolate milkshake, try this blended super smoothie instead. Full of nutritious goodies.

38. Minty carrot, apple and ginger juice

This amazing pick-me-up juice will ensure your morning starts with a vitamin-infused bang. Better than anything you’ll order from any juice bar on the planet!

39. Strawberry quinoa smoothie

Put this on the brekkie menu at home, and you’ll be right up there with one of the hottest foodie trends of the moment. Quinoa – the superfood that everyone’s going bananas about.

40. Zingy breakfast juice

Citrus lovers will do a little happy dance when they taste this explosive morning drink. Orange and grapefruit combined with mango and passionfruit, takes morning juice to a whole new high.

41. Nigella’s hot chocolate

Utterly decadent, there’s no other way to describe this magical warm drink. It’s rich and smooth and as chocolatey as you can get. Definitely not for the conservatives (or the kids!).

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