Flower Birthday Party Theme

If your little one loves the garden or just the sweetness of flowers, why not throw a flower themed birthday party?

Here are some ideas for floral fun.

Flower party theme invitations

Make cute little tissue-paper flowers taped onto a bit of cardboard for the party invitations. Cut out circles from colourful cardboard and attach a green stem and some crepe paper petals. Fill out the information for the party and send. Or try our flower pot card as an invitation.

If you’re creating an invite online, look for your child’s favourite flowers or colours. Sites like Canva, Picmonkey or Adobe offer a selection of free and customisable design options.

Flower birthday party theme costume ideas

Anything with flowers! A cute floral skirt, shirt, or dress is probably already part of the wardrobe. It doesn’t need to be costume-y at all, but a flower in the hair or a bright flower garland would be highly appropriate!

Flower birthday party theme decorations

  • Strings of flower garlands hanging around the house or pergola. A couple of leis from the budget stores restrung on a long piece of string will also do the trick. They’re simple to make and look sweet hanging from trees over the food table as a hanging centrepiece or just instead of balloons!
  • A bowl of floating flowers – snip off the stems and let them float on top of a bowl of water.
  • Hanging flowers – keep old jam jars, twist wire around the top so it creates a handle and hang around the yard with a single bloom in each one.
  • Fill balloons with helium and tie bunches of coloured balloons to chair backs – let some float to the ceiling. Twist assorted coloured streamers together and stretch them across the walls and windows.
  • Get creative and make a fruit flower centrepiece for the table.  For example: slide a single grape onto a skewer, then a piece of melon or a kiwifruit round onto the skewer and top with a single grape to make a daisy. Or start at the tip of a strawberry, cut most of the way down into quarters, leaving a centimetre or so uncut at the top. Invert the strawberry and slide it onto a skewer. Then open it up a bit to form a tulip and insert a blueberry – use sprigs of fresh mint on the lower portions of the flowers for leaves.
  • Try making green and purple streamers with tissue paper flowers attached along the lengths. You could also make paper flowers entwined around light fittings or even paper lanterns.
  • If your time is limited, don’t try to make everything for the party and simply buy what looks best or even get the children involved and see what they can create for the day.
  • Inexpensive flower garlands strung together to form a labyrinth flower maze can form a wonder either in the house or outside. Use gardening or camping stakes to keep them in place. If you have extra garlands, use them as you would streamers from the ceiling. Paper pinwheels and bug catching nets stuck in the ground in the backyard and front yard add the natural touch for a floral party theme.
  • Make a flower wall.

Flower party theme activities and birthday party games

  • Paste some crepe paper petals around some balloons to play balloon bop. You could even fill some small balloons with water, draw petals on them and tie them up. Pick several games to play – balloon toss between partners, balloon relay races or balloon stomp.
  • Pin the bug on the flower – use some felt (or cardboard) to create different little bugs – ladybugs, caterpillars, bees, dragonflies. Then use a big sheet of cardboard to draw an extra large flower with anatomically correct parts. The child who pins (or sticks!) their bug closest to the centre of the flower wins.
  • Have a flower seed-planting activity. You’ll need a big bowl with soil, a couple of little garden forks or spades, some seeds and a few decorated tin cans. Then the children can take home their flower pots and watch them grow!
  • Make daisy chains – if you’re able to pick a whole bunch of wildflowers, do that, otherwise, store-bought daisies are fine. Split the stems of your daisies a few centimetres from the top to create a little slit and thread the stem of another flower through it. Repeat with all the other flower stems until you have a chain long enough to wrap around the child’s head.
  • Make flower crowns or paper flowers.

Flower party food ideas

Flower theme take-home party bag ideas

  • Make a lollipop bouquet for the guests to take home with a mini pot plant. Create a small bunch of different colours and tie with a ribbon.
  • Make up a little bag of floral-themed hair accessories like clips and hair ties.
  • Make a button and flower magnet for each child.
  • Bake some flower-shaped biscuits and wrap them in cellophane bags with pretty ribbons.

Written by Kidspot Australia and adapted by Kidspot NZ

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