Tandoori chicken

You can enjoy the tastes of Indian cooking without having to make a curry with these delicious tandoori-marinated chicken breast pieces. Just cook up a little rice, combine yoghurt and cucumber and you have a very tasty Indian meal that’s super-simple to make

Easy tortillas

This is a great recipe to get the kids involved in. They'll love mixing the simple dough, then rolling it out to make yummy tortillas hot from the pan ready for making their favourite Mexican. Yum!

Bush chutney

No need to buy your chutney now you can make your own delicious chutney at home like your grandmother used to. This recipe goes really well with your meats at a BBQ.

Sticky pineapple pork ribs

Here's a kid favourite which it's best to start first thing in the morning if you want the flavour to develop properly. It's not hard though - just pineapple juice, sugar, soy and garlic will make these ribs melt in the mouth. Just have plenty of napkins handy!

Fish in foil

Enjoy this easy asian-inspired dinner of skinless salmon fillets cooked in a foil bag with lemongrass, chilli sauce, ginger and plenty of asian greens

Moo burgers

Made moist with sour cream in the mix, these moo burgers are a great way to use up beef mince when you're not sure what to cook. Serve on lightly-toasted buns with cheese and salad for a burger from heaven.

Mighty patties

A super simple barbecue recipe that's made for hiding hidden veggies! Make this meal quick sticks when you're on the go but want something filling yet healthy.

Classic coleslaw

Crunchy salad veggies in a light mayo dressing make this classic coleslaw recipe a barbecue staple and the perfect partner to any grilled meat or fish dish. YUM!

Beef kebabs

Finding a family meal that appeals to adults and kids alike can be challenging. These easy beef kebabs come with two different marinade options, which means you can enjoy the same meal together – with a sophisticated kick for the adults.

California Salsa

This zesty salsa is a burst of sunshine for your tastebuds. Tomatoes, chilli and coriander make a beautiful mix to brush on barbecue meat or as a side to dip crunchy tortilla chips in.

Beer can chicken

Beer can chicken is moist and so easy to make at home. You can make it in a conventional oven or in a barbeque. Add herbs and spices or keep it simple and let the flavours of the chicken shine through.

BBQ pork ribs

These sticky and sweet BBQ pork ribs will have everyone licking their fingers and asking for more. You can cook these in the oven or on the barbecue.

Spring lamb burgers

These burgers are made from tender lamb mince, rosemary and garlic. Top them with a minty, yoghurt sauce and serve in buns with crisp salad for a meal that tastes as good as it looks.