Healthy Thai chicken curry

If you reduce the oil, skip the rice and use lots of veggies you will be able to enjoy your favourite Thai curry without worrying about your waistline. This healthy version will have you putting Thai chicken curry on the menu every week.

Homemade KFC burgers

These homemade KFC burgers are finger lickin' good - but healthy too. The chicken is baked not fried meaning it's better for you, plus you can add as many fresh salad veggies to your burger bun as you like. Yum!

Chicken pasta salad

Pasta salad is the perfect summer family meal, lunch or BBQ side salad. Made in minutes, this tasty recipe combines BBQ chicken, fresh green beans, healthy chickpeas and crushed tomato with the creaminess of natural yoghurt. The kids will love the flavours - and as an adult bonus it’s diet friendly!

BBQ chicken wings

The secret to this tasty recipe for BBQ chicken wings is in the plum sauce that gives these wings a mellow fruity flavour that can't be beaten. Make plenty because they'll all go quick sticks!

Apricot chicken

I was surprised how the flour gave the chicken a lovely puffy coating when it came out of the oven. I used a bottle of apricot nectar which was more economical than tinned

Picnic Fried Chicken

This picnic fried chicken has a delicious coating that's like KFC. It has a bit of spice, a crunchy coating and moist chicken inside. You can pack it up while still hot and it transports easily for you to share with family and friends.

Chicken satay skewers

You can prepare these chicken satay skewers ahead of time by marinating the chicken breast pieces in satay sauce for at least 30 minutes. Whether you choose to make your own satay sauce or use a sauce out of the bottle, these skewers are delicious and really simple to prepare.

French rissoles

These French rissoles use chicken mince and fresh herbs for a fast family dish. You can serve these up with mash and steamed green vegetables. They will become a family favourite in no time.

Chicken matzo ball soup

This soup is traditionally served at the Jewish festival of Passover. The chicken broth is rich and tasty while the balls of matzo meal (a bit like cracker crumbs) make it filling enough for dinner. Find matzo meal in the international aisle of the supermarket - or use finely crushed crackers instead.