Mini Mexican meatloaf

Served with salad and guacamole these mini Mexican meatloaves will be a family favourite, with hidden vegetables and easy to pre prepare it's a winner for the busy family with vege avoiding kids.

Cauliflower tots

These cheesy tots are so delicious that no one will even know their main ingredient is cauliflower. Rustle these hidden-veg morsels up for a tasty snack or lunch box treat your littlies will love.

Lucy’s meatloaf

Whoever you are Lucy, your meatloaf recipe is fantastic! This hearty midweek meal uses a mix of beef and pork mince for maximum flavour. Slice the cold leftovers for tasty lunch box sandwiches the following day.

Marvellous meatloaf

Meatloaf makes a great family meal and this one combines lean mince and hidden veggies to make it a kiddie favourite too. Serve hot with creamy mash and veggies or cold in sandwiches or with salad.