Love muffins

Perfect for Valentine's Day, these muffins taste amazing and look beautiful when arranged in a love heart. Decorate with pink icing and heart sprinkles!

Apple muffins

Apple muffins are an incredibly healthy snack young children will love. Using natural yoghurt and grated apple and dates, this muffin recipe is deliciously scented with cinnamon and is just as good served hot or cold.

Carrot cake muffins

These delicious carrot cake muffins are moist and sweetly balanced with cream cheese icing. They are cute as a button and work perfectly as a treat for Easter or just for afternoon tea.

Anzac muffin

With all the flavours of the original Anzac biscuits, coconut and golden syrup, these muffins are moist and delicious. Pop them into lunch boxes or whip up a batch for afternoon tea.

Mix ‘n’ match muffins

These muffins are sure to be a crowd-pleaser! The recipe is based around banana, and varying flavours can be added from there, or right at the end. No matter what your picky eaters like (or dislike), you can throw in their favourite food and they will love these muffins!

ABC muffins

The 'ABC' in these muffins stands for Apple, Banana and Cranberries and the kids will love these in their lunchboxes. If the kids aren't cranberry fans, you could substitute them with carrot, instead.