Passion Power

Perfect for when you don't have time for a full breakfast, or even just as a snack, this milkshake combines chocolate protein powder, passionfruit pulp, ice cream and skim milk for a tasty afternoon treat.

Walnut brownies

If you like a denser, gooier brownie, remove from the oven at around 18 minutes. These are delicious and make then healthier by adding fruit with a slice of fresh strawberry... YUM

Baked ricotta

Baked ricotta is simple to make and is great to serve guests on an antipasto plate. Simply season the ricotta, add herbs like oregano and bake for 40 minutes to have a delicious snack

Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are nutritious, delicious and an economical way to get some quick protein at breakfast. People often joke about not even being able to boil an egg but it's easy if you follow a few simple rules. Use the best eggs you can get. Organic or free range and fresh!

Dried zucchini chips

These tiny discs are delicious and a great healthy snack for the kids. You won’t believe how easy it is to get these into the oven and they are great for when you have excess zucchinis.

Easy egg pikelets

These easy egg pikelets will have even the fussiest of eaters begging for more! Light, fluffy and SO moreish, these little bites are great for after-school snacks or served alongside some streamed veggies for an easy-peasy kids' dinner.

Rock cakes

Rock cakes are great for the lunch box or with a cup of coffee who can say no. I don't use mixed peed but find glace cherries are a real hit


This easy dip is made from chickpeas and flavoured with lemon and cumin. Serve with crisp veggie crudités and pitta bread for a healthy snack.

Mocha amaretti

These Italian almond biscuits boast a mocha flavour that make them go down perfectly with a cup of coffee after dinner or as a side to a mousse or ice cream dessert.

Date & nut muffins

Dates, nuts and a little pinch of nutmeg is a classic taste combination. This muffin recipe makes the most of these tasty ingredients to create a muffin that's perfect for school and work snacks.

Coconut balls

With only four ingredients, these apricot and coconut balls are the perfect treat to make with your kids. They'll love shaping the coconut balls in their hands and then rolling them in the desiccated coconut. Easy and delicious!

Rice Paper Rolls

These rice paper rolls are packed with crisp veggies and shredded chicken making them a healthy snack for kids. Biting into mint and coriander leaves gives a burst of fresh flavour every time!

Homemade muesli bars

Muesli bars are an easy snack to drop into your kids' lunch boxes but they can be expensive - and full of sugar, fat and who knows what else! Try making these healthy homemade muesli bars instead - your kids won't taste the difference.