Ham toasties

Not your traditional toasted sandwich, these ham toasties are sure to be a hit with the kids. Topped with yummy ham, tomato, cheese and egg these toasties are perfect for a weekend dinner.

Risotto Cakes

Make these tasty risotto cakes from scratch or use up leftover risotto for a tasty lunch or light supper. Top them with roasted tomatoes for a fruity hit and serve with green salad leaves. Yum.

Lamb samosas

These lovely bites of curried lamb mince are delicious as party food or as an alternative to sandwiches in a lunch box. Make them as mild or as spicy as you like - either way, they're yum!

Thai chicken soup

This delicious Asian-inspired soup is hearty and filling, full of veggies and chicken that are poached in a yummy broth with just enough chilli kick to it to warm your cockles. One bowl won't be enough!

Choc-peanut slice

This rich slice recipe is easy to make and even easier to eat! Layers of buttery oats, creamy peanut and chocolate will make this a sure fire crowd pleaser. Prepare to make this one again and again ...

Yoghurt cheese

A delicious soft cheese made from drained Greek yoghurt that goes with lamb or you can just spread it on crackers. You can also roll it in herbs to create the Middle Eastern yoghurt balls called Labne.

Homemade KFC burgers

These homemade KFC burgers are finger lickin' good - but healthy too. The chicken is baked not fried meaning it's better for you, plus you can add as many fresh salad veggies to your burger bun as you like. Yum!


Damper is often made on camping trips but this easy damper recipe for kids can be whipped up in your own kitchen with a minimum of fuss and maximum good fun.

Salmon Fish Fingers

Salmon is packed full of brain-boosting omega-3 oils which are great for kids. Make these child-friendly, healthy fish fingers and watch them wolf down the good stuff for tea!

Jam-filled muffins

These muffins come with a surprise inside. A little like doughnuts and a lot like yummy cakes, pick your favourite jam fill them with. No need for icing with these little bites either - they're sweet enough!

Potato scones

A variation on the traditional recipe, these scones made with potatoes are a delicious savoury treat. Best eaten warm with lashings of butter.


Florentines are a yummy little snack that incorporates sultanas, cornflakes, almonds, glace cherries and chocolate. They're super-quick to bake and make a delicious afternoon snack.