Pulled Pork Tacos

This pulled pork recipe is super tasty and we’re sure these Pulled Pork Tacos made with New Zealand Pork will soon become a weekday favourite in your house. 5 mins to prep the night before and 5 mins to throw in the slow cooker the next morning! What could be easier?

Hawaiian Style Pork Burgers

We all lead such busy lives so weeknight meals often need to be easy as well as affordable. These Hawaiian-Style Pork Burgers made using New Zealand pork are a healthier alternative to fast-food. They’re family-friendly, cost less than $20, and take less than 30 mins to make!

Chicken and Chipotle Tacos

Tacos are hugely popular for good reason - super tasty, packed with goodies, and easy to make. Whip up the tacos and then add store bought salsas plus some chopped coriander (if that's your thing) and voila! Better than take out! A recipe from bestselling cookbook author, Donna Hay.

Fried Wontons

Deep fried wontons are a great appetizer and kids love their crunchy texture. These have a tasty pork and prawn centre in a crispy coating.

Dim Sims

Dim sims or sui mai, as they're also called, are delicious bundles of steamed pork and prawn deliciousness. Steam a basketful and surprise your family.


Get the kids into the kitchen this weekend and have fun rolling some wontons together!