Sausage salad

You are correct; this has leftovers written all over it! But a very tasty serve of leftovers it is. Cook up your favourite sausages and combine it with your leftover roast veggies and you have a very yummy warm salad for dinner.

Raspberry butter cake

Who doesn't love a butter cake? It's the classic, can-eat-anytime cake that works just as well in the lunch box as it does at morning tea with the girls. And now, if you just add a cup of raspberries to the mix, you'll have total cake perfection!

Homemade KFC burgers

These homemade KFC burgers are finger lickin' good - but healthy too. The chicken is baked not fried meaning it's better for you, plus you can add as many fresh salad veggies to your burger bun as you like. Yum!


Florentines are a yummy little snack that incorporates sultanas, cornflakes, almonds, glace cherries and chocolate. They're super-quick to bake and make a delicious afternoon snack.

Cherry ripe slice

Rich and delicious if you love cherry ripe you will adore this baked biscuit layered slice of heaven combining a sweet cherry centre with luscious dark chocolate

Hash browns

Hash browns are so simple to make, it's a wonder we don't all make them more often! Biting through the crunchy exterior to reveal the soft cooked potato on the inside is one of life's little pleasures.

Potato-free Tuna Patties

These delicious tuna patties are packed full of healthy vegetables and use rice cakes to hold the mixture together making them light and crispy. Your kids will love them and have no idea how healthy they really are.

Gluten-free apple crumble

Apple crumble is one of the best and easiest desserts you can make on a wintry night. Now those with an intolerance to gluten can still enjoy the crumbly topping with this recipe that replaces wheat flour with rice flour and almond meal. Clever and delicious.

Chicken balls

Chicken balls make a tasty party plate for grown-ups and kids. This recipe is healthier than most because these chicken balls are oven baked rather than fried. Delicious and healthy!

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of the most popular ways to serve eggs for breakfast - particularly on lazy Sunday mornings. Now you can discover the secret to serving perfectly cooked scrambled eggs every time.

Luscious lemon tart

This refreshing, tangy lemon tart is always a much anticipated dessert. What we like most about it is that it doesn't contain the heavy cream and egg filling of cafe-style lemon tarts. Use a frozen shortcrust pastry tart to make this recipe super-quick.

Rainbow cake

This rainbow cake is a very easy to make and impressive birthday cake or holiday fun cake. The cake can be made the day before and iced a few hours before serving

Cheesy Potato Bake

This cheesy potato bake is easy to make and a tasty accompaniment to a BBQ chicken and salad. Using plenty of cheese and cream, the recipe also includes a little fried bacon to give it an extra crunch.