Lamb and tomato hotpot

Make this hearty winter dish in the slow cooker when you want comfort food to come home to. Chunks of tender lamb cooked to perfection in a rich veggie sauce and served on a bed of creamy mash. Y.U.M.

Mexican chilli beef recipe

What mum doesn't love a slow cooker recipe? Chuck all the ingredients for this Mexican chilli beef in one pot, get on with your day and hey presto! A nutritious family meal that makes dinner a doddle. Oh, and it's really yummy too

Easy Tim Tam fudge

This delicious Tim Tam fudge is so easy that the kids can make it. It is topped with three flavours of Tim Tams. This recipe makes a huge batch and can be halved if need be.

Slow cooker vegetarian dahl

A set and forget recipe that can just be thrown all in together and enjoyed a few hours later. This is a vegetarian dahl but the base spices can be used for any slow cooker curry you like. Change the vegetables to suit what you have in the crisper right now.

Chicken and pumpkin casserole

This recipe is so tasty that I want to make it again and again. The apple cider vinegar combined with the taragon and chicken is a really delicious combination. Golden chunks of pumpkin swim in its self-made gravy and it's a perfect meal served with some steamed green beans.