This cheese and bacon quiche is made from pantry ingredients meaning you can rustle up a wholesome meal at any time. Serve hot with salad and a baked potato for a heart meal or pack cold slices in a lunch box when sandwich-boredom has hit.

Basic omelette

Omelettes are a great way to include eggs in your diet. Fantastic for breakfast, omelettes also make the perfect too-tired-to-cook weeknight dinner. Add cheese and tomato to the mix and you have a complete meal!

Crustless quiche

Want to enjoy the eggy goodness of a quiche but don't want the fuss of cooking with pastry? This crustless bacon and cheese quiche recipe is quick and easy and wonderfully tasty without the bother of having to deal with pastry.

Mini frittata

These little beauties are perfect for lunch or dinner. If you make food look cute, you’ll have a much better chance of the kids eating them!

Fruity omelette

Try this fruity twist on a breakfast staple for a nutritious start to the day. Vanilla yoghurt, fruit and brown sugar give this unusual omelette recipe an irresistible flavour that's bound to become a brekkie favourite.

Mushroom and spinach frittata

Frittatas are easy to make, and this yummy version is no exception. Packed full of iron and protein with its mushroom, spinach, eggs and cheese, it’s a great healthy family meal and is perfect for those on a diet. And even though it’s lower in fat – it’s just FULL of flavour.

Green eggs breakfast

This is the ultimate weekend breakfast indulgence! Forget the boring weekday breakfasts of rushed toast and soggy cereal and instead savour the weekend with this deliciously healthy dish.

Grilled bullseye

A decorative, 10 minute breakfast that the kids will devour in no time! Everyone loves eggs for breakfast but this makes a great meal for any time of day

Simple spanish omelette

Here's what you make when you've got leftover boiled spuds and fresh veggies to use up - Spanish omelette! Serve on its own as a tasty lunch dish or with salad and crusty bread for a more substantial dinner.

Eggs in a frame

Use any shape cookie cutter you fancy to make this fried bread with a fried egg centre. Great for fussy toddlers who appreciate novelty food - and yes, for big kids too!

Ham frittata

This frittata recipe includes lots of yummy ham along with the potato, onion and egg. The kids will love this! Serve with a green salad and some crusty bread.

Spring frittata

Make the most of spring vegetables with this lovely frittata for lunch or dinner. Low on fat and big on taste, this will soon become a family favourite.

Potato, bacon and egg pies

Whenever I make these potato, bacon and egg pies, everyone - absolutely everyone - seems to fall upon it with fervour. Children particularly. The flavours are familiar, with just the right amount of cream and egg with crumbly pastry.

Breakfast pie

These breakfast pies can be made using regular pantry ingredients that are all affordable. You will just need to add some basil and filo pastry.